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I've been using it for months now and I seen major result I'm currently using it on my arms

11 / 9 / 14     Author:  Simeon

I've been using meladerm for months now and I've seen major results at first I used it on my face and now im using it on my arms and then my legs. I had major skin discolorations on my face neck arms and legs , leaving my torso and knees up my actually light skinned color meladerm work wonders on my face bring it back to its nature color and now its working wonders on my arms .i will Continue U meladerm for about another year. All I can say is if you don't have the patience don't bother buying the product I have pictures to prove

Meladerm saves me from skin laser treatment

10 / 11 / 14     Author:  Steven

That was more than 2 years ago. At that time i was having very large dark spots on my face due to years of accumulation of sun exposure due to the nature of my outdoor work where i was exposure to extreme sun on most times. It was getting so bad to a point that i have low self esteemed for years and was about to get skin laser treatment and a skin laser treatment in Malaysia is not cheap! Then i tried meladerm. Was surprised i saw vast improvement in just weeks !!! And my skin had improved vastly after that and people started to commend me why have my pigmentation almost disappeared. Now i am buying my 3rd bottle to maintain and to further even my skin tone. To me meladerm works miraculously for me. Thanks

it's Magic !

9 / 24 / 14     Author:  Rhoda

I've been using Meladerm products for a month now and i noticed the improvement on my face , the dark spots and age spots are more lighten than before ! Thank you Meladerm so much ! i will order my next products as soon as i run out.


9 / 22 / 14     Author:  sadiq a.

This was the best 60 dollars ever spent on a cream by me. I am an 15 ur old boy. I am Indian. My skin got really dark and had hyperpigmentation. I was real dark and also a lot of spots and acne. This cream cured it all. Now my skin is back to tan. No spots. A little bit acne left but I would recommend this to everybody . Best ever!!!!


9 / 19 / 14     Author:  Sophon E.


I love Meladerm and will never use anything else on my face!

8 / 22 / 14     Author:  Kim Y.

I love Meladerm and my skin looks great! People stop me on the street saying that I have beautiful skin and I tell them I use Meladerm! I recommend the product to my friends and family too. I use the Meladerm and the exfoliating serum. I am truly in love. I hope the company looks into developing products for the body as well. There is no way anyone could give these products a bad review. There products are amazing, and I am not the type of person to endorse a product that doesn't work !

100% satisfied.

7 / 31 / 14     Author:  Mark F.

I was about to give up on my acne. I tried everything; Proactiv, Neutrogena, Clean & clear, Clearasil, Tazorac, antibiotics and even natural remedies. NOTHING WORKED! I would see results for a day or 2 and it was back to square one. For about a year i would wake with new acne EVERY DAY. I decided that this was the last straw, if this didn't work i was going to have to resort to Accutane :(. Thank God I found the Civant Skincare line. I ordered Meladerm, the cleanser, toner and the Exfoliating Serum. I do have sensitive skin, so the exfoliating serum didn't work for me (as stated). Since using the cleanser, toner and Meladerm, I have noticed great improvement in my skin tone and my acne has improved greatly. My skin still isn't 100%, but it's getting there. I finished my first jar of Meladerm today, and i will be ordering another. My skin tone is evening out and i only get breakouts now and then, but most definitely not as often as it was happening before. If you have problem skin, these just may be the products for you.


7 / 30 / 14     Author:  isha

This is my first time writing a rewiew about a product, it's working that why i'm writing this. I've used so many products on the market, but this is the first time that a product works for me, it's pretty amasing , I thought the spots on my shin could never fade away, but guess what it's fading away day by day. I will continue to use it until I have no dark spot. The only issue is that it's little inside for the prize, mine last for 2 and a half weeks. Great product.

Patience and Meladerm

7 / 16 / 14     Author:  Louise J.

Initially I was skeptical about Meladerm because I did not notice significant improvement in my skin. I continued to use the facial wash and the exfoliating serum along with Meladerm and the 'green cloth'. After nearly two months I have softer, smoother skin. The brow area fine lines and the wrinkle channel on the sides of my mouth are nearly gone. The brown areas on my cheeks are fading. I am beginning to see an even skin tone. I initially ordered the products to fade the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. I used several products including a prescription cream with minimal results. This is the first product that has given significant results. I will continue using Civant products.

Game changer!

7 / 7 / 14     Author:  Sarah

I have very sensitive skin, that breaks out since I've been a teenager due stress, hormone changes, touching my face too much with my hands, etc. To make matters worse, every time I would get a pimple my face would be permanently marked by pigmentation. As a woman in my thirties, I just couldn't take it anymore. I have tried every cream out there, and while they would provide modest relief, there was no final solution and I continued to be plagued with bad skin. Then I stumbled upon Meladerm, and my skin changed! I have been using only the Meladerm anti-pigmentation cream for three months now, and the results have been amazing. Not only have my acne pigmentation marks faded (still have a way to go), but I don't get pimples anymore! At all!! That alone has been such a gift. I have now ordered the complete line of Meladerm products, and am so excited to see my skin continue to improve. Thank you so much, Civant Skin Care! You have changed my skin, and my life!
11 - 20 of 574 posts

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