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OMG its actually working!

6 / 25 / 14     Author:  Andrae M.

I swearrrr this is absolutely the first time I've ever made an attempt to write a review on any product I've ever bought in my life but I had to make this a first. I am a 23yr old male of a dark brown skin tone and I began using Meladerm for just over a month now and I swear I literally began noticing a change in the overall quality and tone of my skin in EXACTLY 2 weeks just like the product said it would and as each day goes by the discolorations in my face just keeps lightening up more and more each day. For all those skeptics out there, I was just like you and I never thought that Meladerm would have any effect on my Dark Brown complexion at all because all I was thinking is that this product would was made for and would only work for Caucasians and not for people of an African decent but I was wrong and I'm very pleased with the continuous results I've been getting so far in my journey to having a glowing complexion. At the rate my skin is clearing up after just a month of using it I am very excited to see how great my results will be in 3 months from now. Thank you Meladerm for making me a believer. Xoxoxo :)

Update from October 2013

5 / 23 / 14     Author:  Sabrina

I am still using the product and am very pleased. I use the entire line every day including the cloth. I am now going to order the sunscreen because the summer is breaking in. I have noticed my skin is much softer and even toned. I do not and have never worn any makeup and this product keeps my skin healthy with a natural glow. Thanks for a great product.

I am extremely happy!!!!!!!

5 / 15 / 14     Author:  Adrian

Hi I want to take the time out to share my happy and successful story of using Meladerm. I've been researching this item for quite some time after so many unsuccessful skin lightening products I've tried , to remove a number of dark facial spots. I literally mean I've tired everything there was under the sun and over the counter. When I finally succumb to the temptation of trying meladerm, I was a bit skeptical it was not going to be any better than what I've tried. Boy was I sooooo wrong. About 4 weeks into using this product, which I had shipped to Barbados, I was pleasantly surprised! There was one particular brown spot that made me very sad when I looked into the mirror, had disappeared. And what's so amazing about it, I didn't even notice the diminishing of it. It was like I woke up and it was completely gone!!!!!!!!! Within a week or two to follow, the other spots to disappeared. I am so very happy and contented with Meladerm , and sincerely recommend it! Thanking the wonderful people who invented this product, my skin is back to being flawless and evenly toned. Well done!!!!!!!!


3 / 2 / 14     Author:  SSE

Honestly, in 1 day's use, my skin is glowing! I had used a high-end Japanese skin care line; the results I felt was high maintenance and results were not AS powerful. The 'result' time was immediate in comparison! My ULTIMATE goal is to no longer use cosmetics. I have met my match. I am of asian decent. THIS product SHOULD be the rage for those that seek a 'bright' complexion. The scent of Meladerm reminds me of spring; like a blade of grass: a rejuvenation of the earth's homeopathic healing. I am blessed to use a product that reflects my GLOW from the inside out. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to produce, build, package and ship this break-through gift. THIS IS the way to go, friends :D ***

Update from 5 years ago...

2 / 27 / 14     Author:  Mele A.

I first purchase your Meladerm pigmentation cream 5 years ago. Today I continue to use it even though your product have have my skin flawless and anti-wrinkle free! I love it and I am so grateful to you for making this amazing product that no other product on the market or anywhere can compete. It totally clear my skin of acne, melisma, discoloration after 6 months. Notice improvement within a couple of days. I actually just put in another order (2 container). Thank you.

dark spots and pigmentation on face reduced to nothing

2 / 8 / 14     Author:  chaitra h.

I am not the kind of person to write a review that easily. But this is compelling. I am an Indian woman who had pigmentation on either side of cheek bones which stood out. I happen to go through thr internetand meladerm was a chance finding. I ordered it hoping it would solve my problem. Even though I was not very trusting of this product I used it diligently. I started to notice the difference within 2 weeks. Now I have an even skin tone thanks to meladerm and I have never looked better. I have recommended it to my friends and my mother. Thank you so much!!!!


1 / 31 / 14     Author:  Sano

I never write reviews, but I have to say, this cream actually really works. I have been using it for over 3 months and my acne/pimple marks, pigmentation marks, have faded out! My skin has a glow, the dark circles around my eyes have reduced significantly. The cream is light so it does not cause you any rash or additional acne. My skin is super sensitive and I have to say, I had no trouble with this cream. Just re-ordered it again!!

Do not touch me because my sensitive skin!

1 / 3 / 14     Author:  Titaree A

I am asian women...the one having sensitive skin alogic of dust also my sweat since I'm young so It's hard for my life! I even used baby product for body & face before but...It's doesn't work! Sometime well done at begain after that make my skin burn or ich untill depress I didn't want to go out anywhere. Infact my life alway been travel alot because My work! One day I saw this website so decide one more try...but in that time I used first maladerm I move from usa to malaysia so my skin change agian from dry-sensitive to be oil-sensitve! OMG! But that time I used Maladerm. My skin is Superfine also look better!! Not any pimple at all. It's feel good as use moisture so decide to used 2time daily or after shower everytime.( I think just doesn't make me more pimple or burn my skin and can apply everyday as moisture for me. That 's all ) right now I still use maladerm untill today...8 years! Many manytime arounds me said I look like 25 yr. but I'm totally 30+this year! It's easy to oder If you traval as me. Thank you to help my life living easy.

Best Skin Brightening Cream

12 / 19 / 13     Author:  RUGAYAH B.

Hello, I am from Malaysia. I'm glad to know Civant Skin Care Products. I actually start using Meladerm in October 2013 and was impressed and happy with the result. My freckles and dark spots on my face has lightened and my skin glow. I will purchase more of the Civant products as it worth buying.

Absolutely swear by Meladerm!

12 / 5 / 13     Author:  Bisou

I have been a regular user of Meladerm skin whitening cream over 5 years and I think it is long overdue that I share my satisfaction with others who look for a product that delivers real results. This is my first product review ever and I feel confident and happy to write something which changed my skin history. I am a middle-aged woman of African origin with a dark skin complexion and I spent quite a fortune in looking for the right product for years. About a month after I started using Meladerm, I have been enjoying a smooth, spot free and younger looking skin to the amazement of many. Most importantly, the results look so natural unlike those from other skin bleaching/damaging products and I can regulate the shades I wish to attain by taking a break up to a week. The only thing one should avoid is staying under strong sun light without protection. I absolutely swear by Meladerm, which I can not find a replacement for and would not even think of an alternative as long as this product exists.
11 - 20 of 564 posts

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