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3 / 4 / 15     Author:  Hannah

Melasma sucks - Meladerm rules ! I'm fair haired and pale skinned. Been using Meladerm for 2 weeks and already I'm seeing a difference not only have the brown patches (on both cheeks and forehead) started to disappear but my whole skin tone is changing. My daughter commented on my skin today, she innocently said "your skin doesn't look as grey" I knew exactly what she meant. Wish I'd discovered this product years ago. I feel more confident in my own skin. If you have Melasma give Meladerm a go you won't be disappointed.

Pretty bad melasma

2 / 24 / 15     Author:  Michelle

The first time I got melasma was while using birth control pills. At that time I used hydroquinone that resolve minimally my problem. After that I used everything I could find to treat the dark spots on my cheekbones and above my upper lip without any positive results. Two years ago I got pregnant and the dark spots were even darker and it affected my self confidence very much. It was until four months ago I found these products and decided to take a chance and bought them. I began using them two months ago and the change has been dramatically. The spots are not gone completely, but reduce so much that now I am able to go out without make up and not be self aware of the spots. Even my husband noticed the difference after only three weeks of using them. I really love these products, specially that are basically natural without harsh chemicals and is very gentle on my skin. Also it smells pretty good and is not greasy, even my blemishes are in control. I will continue to use them and hopefully they will be completely gone in a couple of months. Will come back with photos to prove it. Thank you for bringing me back my confidence!

It really works

2 / 8 / 15     Author:  Yen Tran

After having 3 children my face was full of dark spots, pigmentations and freckles. I went to see a Dr who specialised in skin cancer (moles & freckles) and even tried laser on my face. My pigmentations and freckles were lighten less than 50%. I was then told that it was very hard to get rid of freckles on Asian skin and that was the best he could do for me.

I wasn't happy with the result so I went on the Internet and did my own research. That's when I've discovered Meladerm by Civant Skincare. After using Meladerm for 2 weeks, my kids noticed that my tone was lighter and my spots were more than 50% lighter. I've been using Meladerm for 1 month now and most of my spots were gone - Miracle!!!!

I would highly recommend this product to everyone as you can really see the result and does not cost a fortune

I have my confidence back after lots of prayer and Meladerm

1 / 19 / 15     Author:  Anne G.

I am a South African woman. My skin tone is brown and I am 42 years old. I know that the readers out there reading the reviews looks for every little detail that would give them hope to persevere. I can relate to this.

I started using Meladerm cream on 21 July 2014. Twice daily as indicated. Two months in use of this cream I saw no change what so ever in fact my complexion looked worse. I even had lots of break outs. I was devastated. Everyday I would go to the reviews looking for hope. The reviews really carried me through this journey. Three months still not much change. Four months in use I started getting less break outs and my complexion started looking brighter. Just some background of my problem, I got pigmentation on my cheeks under my eyes 3 almost 4 years ago. The cause can be birth control pills or even sun damage because I never wore sunscreen. As a teenager I had my fair share of acne, but not to bad. I tried getting rid of my pigmentation with laser treatments which made it worse because the Fraxel laser is not meant for dark skin. How ironic I was told of this after my treatments. Anyway I searched the Internet trying to find something. Of cause I found Meladerm cream.

On 21 January I will be using Meladerm for 6 months. I am so pleased to say I see an amazing change in my complexion. My pigmentation is so much lighter, in fact my right side cheeks pigmentation is gone. The other side is much lighter. I don't get any break outs anymore. I must add though I also started using the cleanser and toner and green cloth. Be gentle with the green cloth please. This I started using in almost my 3rd month. I use to hide behind foundation and I am pleased to say no more reapplying my foundation 4 times. I am at applying once and then my complexion looks great. I also use sunscreen.

Thank you to all that took time to write their reviews. It carried me through a very difficult time. I drew my strength and hope from your reviews. It does take patients and it can take much, much longer for you but I am pleased to say it works. Don't give up, keep going.

To Civant Skincare I want to applaud and thank you for the effort and dedication in doing the research and coming up with such an fantastic product. Thank you for caring so much that you selected only natural ingredients that would not harm my skin. I have my confidence back after lots of prayer and Meladerm. God bless your company.

I do have a photo diary since 21 July 2014 to date. I am looking forward to having flawless skin by my next birthday which is in June. I will see if I will post my pics because my face looked terrible. Now I can look in the mirror and smile. I pray and wish this for everyone out there having skin problems. I assure you Meladerm cream truly works. Using this product almost 6 months I can see a huge difference. Be patient! Thank you Civant Skincare I am forever grateful.
1 - 4 of 4 posts

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