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i feel much better

12 / 14 / 10     Author:  Sarah

I have some hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, left over from some acne breakouts. I was sceptical about using this product but I can honestly say it works. It did not fade my marks overnight as it seems to have done for other people but certainly after about a month I saw significant improvements in skin colour and tone.
*Individual results may vary

working better than prescriptions

12 / 5 / 10     Author:  michael d.

i have had a condition for 15+ yrs, several dark patches on my cheeks..have been to several Dr.s who were unable to help...after 6-7 weeks of using meladerm, one side is 90 % inproved, the other side is 50% better ! my question is, long must i must meladerm & can the other side continue to improve ? thank you for a wonderful product.
*Individual results may vary

Keep it up

12 / 4 / 10     Author:  Panda L.

Hello. I can honestly say that this stuff has helped me with the overall texture of my skin. Before my skin was very weird, rough, and just plain dull. Now when I look in the mirror, I love how the glow of skin makes me feel. It's only been a week since I started using it and it has helped me greatly. I am grateful that I purchased this product. I will be looking forward to seeing how my skin will look in the next few months. Thanks Civant! You doing great work.
*Individual results may vary

Amen to this product!

11 / 27 / 10     Author:  jenny

I love this product.!.I have been using this since September 2010..Now, I have to order again because i used it all up..For two months , i see the result my face became more whiter and look fresh and i am look more younger..I t was amazing ..I tried all different kind of whitening before but i didn't see any result but the Meladerm i am going to stick this product. Finally, found the right product for my face..love it...I recommend this to everyone who want their face brighter and look younger. it takes few months before you see the completely result. it is really effective..Amen to this product!
*Individual results may vary

Accutane took away my acne, not my scars

11 / 17 / 10     Author:  Amanda D.

I took Accutane for six months to get rid of my terrible cystic acne. And it worked wonderfully- except it left my scars. I have pretty deep red and purple acne scars along the sides of my cheeks on both sides of my face. I've only been using Meladerm for two weeks or so and I've seen an incredible difference. This product is answering my prayers. My scars are starting to blend in with my skin tone and they're raising up, too. I look younger and healthier. I do microexfoliate a few days a week before I apply Meladerm, and I use Proactiv scrub daily. It really really works. And the smell is actually nice, it's almost citrus at first and then it just smells like a gentle powder.
*Individual results may vary

I am African American with a birth mark

11 / 10 / 10     Author:  k.sweet

First off i want it to be known that i am african american with a birthmark on my face (aka hyperpigmentation). So before i purchase this product i have read every review on here about twice (and still reading)i am a week in on this product, so far it has been kind of shaky.i am trying to light up my birthmark that i have on my right cheek. the very first day i use it i broke out in very tiny bumps. but i kept using. now its been like a 2 weeks(maybe less) the bumps have gone away (with no marks left behind) my birthmark is still visible but it have gotten a shade lighter. i will do a follow up on here every other month. i will post pictures when there is a extreme change in my complexion. :)
*Individual results may vary

starting to work

11 / 9 / 10     Author:  haris k.

i have been using meladerm for 2 months.slightly lightening effects are seeing since 2 weeks.i think,it will take time.minimum we have to wait 4 to 8 months.it is a good moisturizer also.no need of separate moisturizer.any how good product.waiting 2 more months.
*Individual results may vary

it works and feels good on my skin

11 / 4 / 10     Author:  bobby

hi everyone. my name is marva and i have been on the entire meladerm skin care line for about 12 days now. i have noticed a gradual lightening beginning to take place.(nothing extraordinary yet) but i am being patient. i love the texture of the cream because i have oily skin and i find that the civant product line is non-greasy and absorbs nicely in the skin without a greasy surface. i have an uneven skin tone which makes me very self conscious.i like how my face has become softer to the touch since using meladerm. i will keep you posted as i hopefully see more profound results.
*Individual results may vary

Fantastic and noticable difference

10 / 31 / 10     Author:  Boston

I started using Meladerm on the 9th of October and today is the 31st. In three weeks, as promised, I've seen fantastic and noticeable results! I have fair, dry, sensitive skin and had been struggling with very dark post acne marks that just wouldn't budge - and I had tried nearly everything. I couldn't even cover them with make up they were so bad. Now they've faded at least 80% and my skin looks great with only the smallest amount of foundation. At this rate, I may be make-up free in another month! Thank you Meladerm for making a product that actually works - and with no side effects! You have another life long customer!
*Individual results may vary

very happy so far

10 / 29 / 10     Author:  Nikitha

i am one week into the cream. I have to say that it doesn't irritate the skin at all. it definitely leaves a smooth surface and my skin looks better and better by the day. I have acne scars, chicken pox dents and and a pretty sensitive skin that has a lot of discoloration. So far i am having with the tiny but apt amount progress i am making. very happy with it
*Individual results may vary
1 - 10 of 86 posts

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