Airless Dispensing

Does the container really make a difference in the quality of a product? We believe it does.

Why Airless?

We only use containers with airless dispensers, ensuring optimal protection for the ingredients inside. That means you’re getting a product that performs as intended, without the damaging effects of air and light.

  • Hygenic
  • No Light Contamination
  • Reduced waste
  • No Air Contamination
airless dispencers

An airless pump uses an innovative technology to dispense its contents. Instead of the traditional style pump & straw which pushes air into the container to force product outward, the airless dispenser uses the concept of vacuum & piston. When the pump is pressed, a piston on the bottom of the container pushes the product upward and out of the orifice. This process avoids contaminating the product with air.

Though airless dispensers are not new to the skincare industry, their high cost of manufacturing makes them rare in the consumer market. Air and sunlight are the two most damaging factors when dealing with sensitive ingredients. Skin brightening ingredients such as Kojic Acid and Arbutin easily oxidize with air and can lose their efficacy. Most skin care manufacturers do not consider this crucial aspect when packaging their products. Though the manufacturing cost may be higher, the airless system does provide optimal protection for sensitive ingredients that easily oxidize with extended exposure to air or light. For this reason, we package all of our sensitive products in vacuum sealed airless dispensers.