All About Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Chances are you’ve seen a skin care product that mentioned “AHA” in the name or ingredients. No, that doesn’t stand for “aha!” It is an acronym for alpha hydroxy acid. Alpha hydroxy acids are found in a variety of foods, and they have been known to do wonders for the skin. Acne scars, aging skin, and wrinkles can all be improved with the right AHA product. You just have to know what to look for.

Uses of Alpha Hydroxy Acid
One of the best effects of AHA is in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. If you have discolored skin, either from the sun or a chemical imbalance, you might be able to even out your tone through the use of AHA serums. Alpha hydroxyl acids can complement any skin lightening creams you already use to make your skin look the best it possibly can. They will boost new cell growth and exfoliate the skin, thereby making the lighteners faster and more effective.
Aside from that, many people also use AHA products for acne – before, during, and after a breakout. The nutrients in AHAs work to tighten pores before acne occurs, and then they reduce inflammation during an actual breakout. If a user already has scars to deal with, the AHAs can tighten and lighten them so they blend with the skin. These acids provide allover skin care that almost anyone can use.

Why It Works
There are several kinds of alpha hydroxyl acids that go into skin care products. All of these acids have slightly different effects on the skin, light tightening, lightening, or hydrating. Citric acid from citrus fruits, glycolic acid from sugar cane, lactic acid from milk, malic acid from apples, tartaric acid from grapes, and many other elements make up the AHA family. You can reap the benefits of these by consuming these foods, but you will get a more concentrated dose of AHA by using a formulized skincare product. You can see our AHA Exfoliating Serum as an example.

So, what is an alpha hydroxyl acid? Just about the best skin care solution Mother Nature has to offer. No matter what your skin care issues may be, give AHA a try and see what you think.

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