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Fast results and better than IPL


What can I say I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart for such a product. Meladerm achieved more for me in 10 days than intense pulse light treatments or peels. The most amazing thing is that I noticed a difference after the first day of using Meladerm.

I have lived in New Zealand (under the ozone hole) since I was 3 years old. I am originally from India. I am in my 30s and I have really dark brown acne scars that are more than 8 years old on my cheeks. In the last year I got post inflammatory pigmentation on my chin and lower half of my cheeks from both electroylsis and ipl treatments (though the ipl did help a little with some scars). I didn't feel confident going out anywhere and when I did I tried everything to cover my face with my hands or always keeping my head down, but just over one week on meladerm has changed my life. The pigmentation and scars are fading so well giving me a much better even skintone. The pigmentation and scars are now actually coverable with foundation. The texture of my skin is feeling smoother and pore size is reduced. I will be spreading the word about this product and giving you guys regular updates. I can't wait to see how my skin will look in a months time and I look forward to a day when I will feel confident enough to leave the house with no makeup. I look forward with anticipation to any new products the civant team brings out in the future.

Thank you thank you thank you.
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No longer a skeptic


I didn't really think that this product was going to work for my skin, I have tried many other prooducts in the past and they left my skin looking dull and gray in some areas. So in trying this product I was pretty pessimistic, but it proved me 100% wrong. Meladerm has improved my complexion so much more than I had ever expected. It took away the dullness, and gave my skin a more healthy/vibrant appearance. It faded many of my blemishes which basically filled my face, so I am definitely pleases with the product. And, surprisingly it improved the quality of my skin in a matter of weeks which was quicker than I ever thought possible. I can't wait to keep using it to see how great my skin can look....thank you so much for making a product that delivers the results that it says it will.
*Individual results may vary

workin perfectly


im frm. the philippines ...i veen living abroad for 6 yrs.. and still havent found a skin regiment that would suit me ...until i check da website then....i try and order meladerm immediately just to check the product i been using the product for a week now and i can tell u its workin perfectly on my skin and i can see da changes ...sooo better check it urself..heehe
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Meladerm has solved all my skin problems

-Kayla M

I'm very pleased with the results i've seen after using you product. After only three weeks i've seen dramatic results. I had a problem with discoloration, uneven skin tone, and a dull gray complextion..this cream has solved all my skin problems. You have saved my skin...thanks so much!
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Meladerm even works for acne!


I know I intended for meladerm to reverse my suntan, but it did more than that. My face is now clearing up from pimple hyperpigmentation and I haven't gotten any breakout since I started using this product 3 weeks ago,a task no other acne medication I've tried can accomplish. Now, my face is brighter and clearer than before, thank you.
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Meladerm works


I am so excited to tell everyone about this product! I am an Indian woman with olive skin tone. It seems like I've just had one skin problem after another, until this product. Once my acne started to clear up I was left with large, dark scars. I have been looking for a product that will help make the spots fade away. Meladerm works. It's just that simple. In a matter or days my face began to get brighter and the spots began to fade. I would definetly recommend this product to anyone!
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Highly recommend Meladerm


I am an African American woman and all I have to say is that Meladerm is a product I would highly recommend. My skin was very dull and had spottedl until I started using this product. This product is great as long as you dont over use it. The only thing I wish was that it was less expensive but you get what you pay for. Great skin product. Black women stop buying those unhealthy skin products out of beauty supply stores and get Meladerm!!!
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Supporter of Meladerm


I am highly surprised and excited about the results after just 10 days. I started using it on my face and arms/hands and have only a week's supply left. I just ordered my second jar of Meladerm and will use the large size all over my arms and legs as well. I have had laser treatments and used bleaching agents and nothing was successful. This is incredibly fast compared to other products I tried. From your new Best Supporter of Meladerm...Yippee! Thanks!
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Very happy with Meladerm


My daughter has very dark spots on her back (hyperpigmentation). She was not born this way, so I know that there is a way to clear this up. We think it was caused by her wearing a back brace for about a year. I've used Meladerm about 1 month now and have noticed a lightening of the skin. She still seems to get a few acne pimples, but not bad. I have tried many products and nothing worked. I was very happy to see some type of improvement on her skin. Having bad looking skin on your back is not pretty, especially being a teenager. I will continue to use Meladerm to see what happens.
*Individual results may vary

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