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Try this before surgery

-Seana M.

yeah im not gunna lie i had pretty bad acne scars so i was like w/e i might as well use it i have nothin to lose. so i put it on and for the first week i didn't see anything but maybe a month after my acne scars started to disappear. i've been using for 3 months now and my scars almost all gone.  i would recoomend this over surgery or anything else
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I am a believer now


I love the product Meladerm!! I was skeptikal at first but I figured with the money back guarantee why not try it. It really faded the dark pigment on my face. I used it faithfully & did some microdermabrasion treatment & really saw results. Thank You!!!
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Really Works!!!


this product really REALLY REALLY works!!  Trust me!  being a person with extremely sensitive and acne prone skin.. you really have to take my word for it.  A coupe of months ago I went through some terrible ordeals.. and it showed on my skin.. I went from perfect porcelin skin to breakout central.. my problem areas were my chin and the side of my cheeks..  I tried everything.. being someone with sensitive skin I am always reluctant to try new things..anyway, long story short, I came across this website when I was searching for "acne scar removal" .. and decided to give it a try.. dont ask me why but I must say it was intuition!..  anyway.. 4 months later.. you can see no trails of any acne scarring.. and I'm talking about really BAD scarring too... I've never broken out this badly before, even during my teenage years...  but Meladerm erased all traces of it... I have my perfect skin back again.. with no irritation at all.. this is coming from a girl with extremly sensitive skin that reacts to EVERY PRODUCT.  Meladerm really is safe to use and it's effective!  Please try it!  I want to be able to tell everyone I know about this product because I truly believe in it.  
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Skip those over priced products


i have used meladerm for about 3 weeks now-- i am very pleased with the overall appearance of my has brightened my face-- and i look younger and happier! no one can put a price on a happy face. the eye complex has also reduced my eyes' dark circles in 2 weeks... amazing product! the evidence says it all. thanks for having a product that works. It may seem pricey for some-- BUT remember-- the most expensive skin care treatment is the one that doesn't work.
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Great Improvement in Short Time


I  have use several other products, I was amaze with this product after  3 week  I could have seen great improvement. thank you meladerm.  I finally find something that I am please with my friends even notice and they are using it too.
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Love my bright skin!


I had lot of acne scars and my skin used to look blotchy and oily. After using this product , my skin looks very bright , smooth and soft . Thank you
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I have had a few brown spots on my face, probably from a combination of birth control pills and sun damage. I have been using your product for just under two weeks and to my utter amazement, it's working. I have noticed the brown spots are fading. Some that weren’t the darkest are almost gone! Overall my skin looks much better, less red and splotchy. I wake up in the morning and can’t believe (really) how much better my skin looks. I feel confident with continued use the brown spots will be significantly reduced if not completely gone. Your product smells and feels great on my skin. I have tried everything, at great expense, and nothing has worked. I will be an extremely loyal customer. I do want to try some of your other products because I am so pleased with the Meladerm. I’ve mentioned your products to a few friends and will continue to recommend. I will keep you posted and let you know my results at around two months. Thank you for delivering a product to the public that does what it says, how refreshing.
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-Angela W.

I have tried all types of bleaching and lightening creams for many years. I have finally found a winner. I tried your product once and for me it worked right away. I wished that I could afford to purchase it more often, so that I could do my entire body.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I am an african-american female with dark skin. I have had unsightly hyper-pigmentation due to removing facial hair with a razor. I have tried everything-- all the creams promising to remove the dark spots and even laser hair removal so I wouldn't have to shave anymore. Anyways, I was online doing research before undergoing a chemical peel and found Meladerm. I thought I would give it a try from all the positive feedback in the customer testimonials. I am so glad that I did!!! It has only been about 3 weeks but I notice an extreme difference in my face. The spots were extremely dark before and now they are less dark and are getting smaller. With the results that I have gotten already, I know eventually my face will be free and clear of the unsightly hyper-pigmentation that has plaqued me for the most of my adult life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making such a great product that actually works.
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Skin looking even after summer sun exposure.


This summer my face and arms got a lot darker than the rest of my body because of my 45 minute drive to and from work everyday so I tried the product on my face first to see if it would work... amazing! I love it and if you try it, you will to. This is money well spent. I just purchased another order for my arms and I can't wait for my body to be all one color again! Thank you so much for this wonderful product.
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