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It is definitely worth it.

-T. M.

I have scarring from acne and have not been able to find anything that works until now. I was skeptical at first, but after just a few weeks of using the product I have noticed a difference. Everyone is commenting on how radiant my skin looks. As an African-American I was hesistant that it would not work on my skin tone, but it does! It is definitely worth it.
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This product is awesome.


This product is awesome. Since I am using Meladerm my face is clean and clear. No spots and no sun burn. I am very glad. Thank you
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Thank you.

-ann r.

Thanks for your propmt and wonderful sevice. The product is working very good. I am trying your facial products now. Thank you. Ann
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Wow!am short of words but i must say Meladern is indeed a must have.
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Believe me, try it out, you won't be disappointed!


I've been using Meladerm for about two weeks now, and as Civant Skin Care claims, yes, my blemishes (acne scars, general discoloring from sunburns) have significantly been diminished. I'm incredibly impressed by this product. My skin is dewey and more even in tone. I know that in several months from now, my skin will appear the way it did when I was fifteen. And that is quite exciting! I feel more confident and my makeup routine is super easy, because I do not need to spend time covering up blemishes. I love this product. Believe me, try it out, you won't be disappointed!
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really satisfied. thank you so much


I have been using Meladerm for one week, i have seen the changement. am really satisfied. thank you so much
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*Individual results may vary

2 weeks - Spots are fading


I have had 2 huge horrible blotches from my jawline up to my cheekbones for the last 3 years. I used NuvaRing for 6 months, and these showed up. :( So I went to my dr. and she gave me prescription fading creme which i used for a year, with no sucess at all. I used a ton of sunscreen as well. It just seemed to get worse somehow. I found a bunch of great reviews for your product online, and decided to try it. My spots were faded by half in the first 2 weeks! I couldnt believe it! I am now at the end of my first bottle, and they are nearly gone. You have to really look to see the outline of them now. Also, I have noticed that the cream is great for dryness and fine lines as well. It gives my skin a glow that I have never had before! Wonderful stuff, thank you!! --Kim
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Brighter every day!


Recently I notice how my skin was becoming less radiant.That's when I came across you website. It has only been two weeks but the results are becoming amazing my skin is becoming brighter everyday, I can't wait when a month is up. i only wish you made a body lotion.
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Real Difference on my skin


I have been using this product for about a month now . I have dsap, i think that it has faded the areas, they do not look so red. It is about the only thing that has made any real difference to my skin
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-kelly a.

this product is amazing, i used my mums for a bit and got fantastic results that im just about to buy my own.
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Glad I bought Meladerm


I have melasma 9 years now on my cheeks and a dark line on my upper lip, which I started noticing a year ago, I am a medium brown skin women or like asian skin, but I am an african. after I had a terrible flare out on my face, and going to the dermatologist made my dark patches worse despite clearing the acne, the medication was too strong for my skin and its caused it to darken more. On doing my research I came across this product, having sensitive skin I wasn't very sure if I can go for it. But I gained some courange and bought it, I am only on my first bottle and my dark patches are fading, even my husband and kids have noticed. it has not worked wonders ,but knowing the time I have had this dark circles on my cheeks, I think its a good product, to even fade my horrible dark line on my upper lip abit. I will give it another month. I will buy another bottle, 2-3 months is o.k to see if the product works for you. Thanks Civant
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Goodbye dark knees


This product lightened my dark knees and elbows, in a matter of 3 months. It actually works and I want to thank those behind meladerm.
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Wow....first of all I want to thank you for a great product. I had been looking for a product like this for months and I ran into this website. Within two weeks people began to complement me on my skin. I will keep on using this product until I get full results..once again thank you.
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freckles lightening already!


I bought Meladerm a month ago, I only use it once daily-at night, but I am noticing my freckles lightening already! I will continue using Meladerm and I will also post pictures after my skin tone has continued to lighten.
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I'm telling everyone about this!


I love Meladerm it is amazing i order two of them every month and i told my friends about it . it really works well from the first time i applied it i saw changes i will market for this product in my country i know girls there will be happy to know about this product they will be willing to pay more to get it,,,but i wish there is something like it for sensitive areas i will not hesitate to buy it....Meladerm is something i can't stay without..thanks civant
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great cream


I have been greatly benifited from the usage of Meaderm since past 6 weeks.I had Melasma marks on my cheeks which have started to disappear during the regular usage in the past weeks.Thankyou sincerely for creating such a great cream
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I truly love Meladerm


I love Meladerm! I've been using it for over 6 months, and while it faded my dark spots, the added bonus was that it helps keep my acne away. I truly love Meladerm and will continue to purchase. Thanks, Meladerm!
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boosted my confidence


Iv Loved this product its amazing iv been using it for 3 weeks and iv seen my freckles fade and a few dissapear i took photos from before and after and i can oly see a few visable freckles i love it and highly recomend it as it also lightens, smooths and cure blemishes and keeps skin looking fresh. i just want to say thankyou as you have boosted my confidence
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pimple marks are fading


I have used for a week now and my pimple marks are fading hope I will get a flawless skin gradually ... I will use for further four weeks ..seeing the results now I think that would make my skin flawless and even ..
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Meladerm is great for sensitive skin


I am a 42 year old female. I have medium-dark hair, hazel eyes, and a very fair complexion. I spent my teenage years in the sun trying to get my light skin tanned. Finally, in my mid to late 20's I realized the damage I was doing to my skin and I did a complete turn-around. No more sun exposure--and when I did go in the sun, I wore SPF 30 or higher, and a hat to cover my face. In the last few years, my skin began to discolor. I have two spots on my forehead, under my cheekbones, and on my upper lip. I have been using this product for about 4 weeks, and I can see a noticable difference in the spots on my face. My husband has mentioned that the edges of my brown patches seem less pronounced, as well as the overall intensity of them. I have to admit, I was skeptical about the results, but am pleased to say that this product is working!! I have had no side effects, which is great because I tend to have sensitive skin, and many products irritate it. I would highly recommend this product
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skeptical at first...


I purchased this product approx. 2 mos. ago for dark spots on my lips and temples from sun damage...I was pretty skeptical at first...seen no results in the first several days but continued to use it...and to my surprise after 2 mos. I can say that I have recieved great results . Spots are at least 70% gone...I will continue using it..getting ready to purchase my 2nd bottle..little expensive but hey... you have only ONE face..
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great product


I've been using this product for a little over a month now and I've seen great improvement in the look and feel of my skin! I went to Sephora to purchase foundation (I figured I could cover up some of the discoloration while this product continued to work) and the associate who was helping me couldn't stop complimenting me on my skin. I purchased a tinted moisturizer instead. I plan to purchase another bottle in the future to completely even my skin! Thanks for such a great product
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40% fading

-Amy P.

I am 26, with fair skin and years of acne and picking problems. I was on Accutane at 18 for my acne, which really cleared me up, but my unfortunate habit of picking at my skin persisted. Over the years, it has left me with acne scars that don't clear up so easily anymore. So then I tried tanning to even it out, and that is when the hyper-pigmentation on my face really started to happen. I got a light covering of brown and white blotches that have never gone away. I have used procedures such as smoothbeam (for acne and scarring) chemical peels from the dermatologist at $150.00 a pop, and I could practically start my own forum on cosmetic reviews because I have bought everything Target and Sephora offers in the line of skin care. So at this point, I thought, what's another $50.00 for a cream that probably won't work, right? Wrong! I can't tell you how much I want to run in to every dermatologist office that I have been to and scream, 'WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS??'. I have had about 40% fading in my brown
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3 weeks in...

-Elizabeth M.

I have these dark round spot on both kness. I don't how it started but people are noticing it and they are ugly it's been there over a year. I tried everything and my last thought will be to see a cosmetic derma to ask for laser treatment. I know it will cost me an arm and a leg. So I'm trying to save money till someone told me about this soap to whiten the skin. I did research in the internet and I found out how bad it is and using hydorquinone. I kept surfing on this site and I saw this product advertised and start reading it. This must be pretty good and affordable for me. I ordered 2 bottles although they guarantee the result in 2 weeks. Guess what it took me 3 weeks to notice the difference. I have not finished the 1.7 oz and it's almost blended with my skin color from a deep dark chocolate color and I am Asian. Thank you. This totally recommendable product.
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Glad I tried this one


I was quite hesitant to order your product but read alot of the letters from customers that had tried it - - - soooooo glad I did! I saw positive results within 2 weeks and continue to notice my dark age/sun spots on my hands and face diminish. I also ordered the eye cream, and was pleasantly surprised how the area below my eyes improved. I am ordering again. Thank you Civant Skin Care !!!!
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Tried everything


I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to have come across your website by change. To tell my full story would take to many words so let me just say...after using Meladerm on my face which has been about one and half month now, my skin is amazingly clear, smooth, even skin tone! For anyone that is still unsure of this product, please believe me when I say...I've tried it all with such disappointment even products suggested by dermatologists which made my skin worst!!!! I took a chance on Civant and am forever gratefull to the maker. I do have only one suggestion to the maker; will you make the product without fagrant? Other than that, please keep up the excellent product.
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Lightened my melasma


Let me tell you my story! I have pretty bad melasma and it had gotten worse from my three pregnancies, then all those years of bathing in the sun (live in Hawaii) finally caught up to me as I reached my 30's- I initially bought the very expensive Obagi, and used it faithfully for seven months! It helped my skin a little, but left it red and raw and really hyperpigmented..I searched online and found Meladerm, read the feedback, and decided to try it; as I had nothing to lose- well, I am in my third week, back online to order the bigger bottle, and have had absolutley no problems with redness, irritation, or anything else! In fact, the texture of my skin has improved significantly, feels softer, firmer then it has in years! The best part is that it is actually working on my melasma! It has lightened a lot, and I can't wait to see what hapens in the next two months! I have never really been this excited about a product- and for those of you who are thinking about it- don't hesitate
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Thank you Civant


It's a bit pricey but well worth it! It surely works.I used it for a week twice a day and the discoloration is now almost gone. I would highly recommend it. Thank you Civant for making this wonderful product.
*Individual results may vary

Confident my spots will be gone


At 58, my skin (not ever that great) was looking rough with the age spots and generally uneven tone. I rec'd my order of meladerm the first week in July. Now on the 22nd of July I look sooo much better! Actually there was a noticable improvement after the first week. My mother commented Saturday about how pretty my complexion looked -she didn't know I was using anything at all! I have also been using it on the backs of my hands. The larger darker spots have not gone totally away, but judging from the improvement in only 2 weeks, I feel certain they will. I could not be more pleased with the results of Meladerm. Thank you so very much!
*Individual results may vary

ONLY product that has ever worked.


I am a PE teacher and mom of three, 41 years old. Just this year my cumulative life's sun damage has popped out all over my face with what looked like huge brown freckle splotches on both cheeks as well as splotches on my forehead, nose and above my lip. I looked so much older than I am; it was depressing. After ONE week of using Meladerm everything started lightening up; I have been using it now for almost 4 months and my skin is almost completely blotch free. My children and husband also have noticed saying that I don't have the 'brown marks' on my face anymore. Since the splotches have pretty much disappeared my skin looks youthful again. I have tried so many lightening products; this is truly, honestly the ONLY product that has ever worked. (Thank God!) FYI: I use it twice a day am and pm, as well as MaMa Lotion 3X a week at night. I think the MaMa Lotion helped the Meladerm work in turbo time. (I am Polish/Irish/German descent -- pretty light skinned.)
*Individual results may vary

convinced it really works!

-terri A.

i was hoping it wouldnt work. why because i have tried everything else and of course it never does what they say it is suppose to do. well guess what i have been using meladerm for 3 weeks now for hyperpigmentation on dark circles under my eyes and dark elbows. thank you thank you finally, finally folks a product that does what it promises to do. dark elbows lighten immediately dark circles took a littlle longer but have lighten 50%. cant wait to see what i will look like when i have used the product for the 3 month subjusted amount of time. i can honestly tell you it starts to work on contact. amazingly iam happy and convinced it really works!
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I started using Meladerm Pigment Reducing Complex two weeks ago and thought I was beginning to see results, but I thought that was probably wishful thinking. I was very surprised when the woman who does my nails, said 'Are you using a new make-up? Your skin is so clear and natural and just glows? I was truthfully able to indicate that I was not wearing any foundation. I am thrilled with this product. I am 60 years old and have very few wrinkles and now my sun spots are disappearing as well. Thank you so much.
*Individual results may vary

STRONGLY recommend this product to everyone!


I purchased the cleanser, toner, lightening cream and exfoliating cloth and I am so pleased with the differance it has made on my skin! I cant rave enough about how much it has cleared up and evened out my complexion! I have been using it 2 weeks so far so we will see how much of a difference it makes in the upcoming weeks. I STRONGLY recommend this product to everyone! My brother has really bad acne scars and he will be placing his order soon since seeing how nice my skin looks. Thanks Meladerm for such an amazing product!
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Seeing improvement on Nose and Cheeks


I've just started using Meladerm for hyperpigmentation on my forehead, temple area, cheeks and nose. This is day 2. My nose and cheeks are showing signs of improvement already. I am amazed! will keep you posted.
*Individual results may vary

Lightened 1 shade in 2 weeks


This product works for real. I have been using it for a month and I am very satisfied. I have some acne marks left on my cheek that were not too bad but still annoying. I decided to give it a try and Meladerm proves to be a good product to me. Those dark spots have lightened a lot, like 70% so far. Also, my overall skin has also lightened like 1 shade, I think. Even after 2 weeks, I already saw the results, not too much though, but now my skin has improved a lot. So glad that I found this product, I was a lil skeptical at first though. So, highly recommended !!!
*Individual results may vary

Very surprised

-Katherine V.

I bought 2 1.7 fl oz in November of 2007. Before I applied it, I took some pictures of my face without any make-up. On the last week of June, I used up the last bottle, so I decided to take some more pictures to see if there was a difference. I was very surprised by the improvement on my sun spots caused by acne. They are either totally gone or much much lighter. The impact on my freckles was a little less, but they are even lighter as well. I am very happy with the product and am buying more. This time, I will use it 2X a day and not just once a day like I did before. I am going to try the eye cream as well... I will update.
*Individual results may vary

I Can't believe it!


I have acne and I had used a product on my face recently that burned my skin and I had dark patches on my face. It's only been a few days since I started using meladerm and just now I was getting ready for bed and I thought I still had my makeup on but I didn't!! The patches are already fading. I can't believe it, thank you guys so much, I'm getting emotional, all the years of using skin products for my acne I've never seen anything that actually works, I will keep praying, drinking lots of water and using this product, thank you.
*Individual results may vary

Thank you

-Norma P.

Its a great honor to have your product. My discoloration is improving when i used your product. I ordered again for the second time. Thank you
*Individual results may vary



It's been just under two weeks that I've been using Meladerm... IT WORKS! I am almost 48, have olive skin, lived in Florida for 23 years & now I've been in Arizona for the last 12. Although I don't have wrinkles, hyperpigmentations spots suddenly appeared in the last couple of years on my cheeks, upper lip, & temples from my beach bum days (I did use sunscreen), perimenopausal breakouts, & having my upper lip burned by a careless esthetician who applied wax that was too hot. I have tried many, many products to try to get rid of the hyperpigmentation & for the last 8 months have been going to a skin salon having special facials with Agera products. The facials helped at first, but soon the effects seemed to have reached a plateau... at $90 a visit I expected more. I was hesitant to pursue microdermabrasion or laser therapy since I have read so much about darker skins having negative results with these methods. During a search on WebMD to learn more about hyperpigmentation treatments, I found a link for Civant
*Individual results may vary

Results in just 3 weeks

-Jennifer S.

After tanning for years (in hopes of clearing up acne) and having two beautiful girls, I noticed brown patches on my forehead and upper cheeks. I passed it off as normal freckling from the sun until the patches seemed to spread down the sides of my face and into my hairline. I received microdermibrasion and chemical peel treatments which actually worsened my condition. The strongest of the chemical peels (my last bout in April 08) actually left 'swipe marks' on my forehead, cheeks and chin. I was devestated! What had I done to my face? What was a minor problem now had turned hideous. I, too, was told, 'It'll fade', but was disheartened to the point of embarrassment when makeup made the spots appear worse. After lots of $$ down the drain (for years) trying to improve the overall appearance of my skin, I can honestly say your product is the ONLY one I've seen results from! In just 3 weeks, my patches have diminished and, although they're not completely gone, they've faded enough to be covered by makeup
*Individual results may vary

Do not wait any longer, try it!


Like others, I've used many products to get rid of the dark spots on my face and only made them worst. I've been using this product for only a week and a half and already seen a difference as well as my boyfriend. Thank you. I recommend this product to everyone having the same condition. Do not wait any longer, try it!
*Individual results may vary

Thank you for giving me hope.

-Ashley R.

Finally, I am able to clear up the dark coloring acquired by using another product that disagreed with my skin. I had used that product when I was younger for even-tone skin and pimple retard. It worked fine then. I believe they must have changed the formula. I have diabetes and the irritation caused a darkening of my skin from the forehead to the shoulders. Your cream [Meladerm] allows me to see an improvement almost daily. I am on my third bottle and getting ready to order 3 more. My case is quite drastic so it's going to take a while.However, I now have hope in achieve my old coloring back. Thank you for giving me hope.
*Individual results may vary

Meladerm really really works


Meladerm really really works! My officemate noticed that my skin improved, i became whiter and clearer. I have many acne scars and dark spots on my face and they're all reduced to as much as 60-80% in just a matter of month of nightly used. My confidence in facing people was boosted. I have brown skin from the Phillipines.
*Individual results may vary

Im a user for life.


I CANT believe how well this hellp fade dark spots on my face! Im getting married next year and wanted to start clearing up my skin before the big day. i started using it on may 14 2008 and today is june 16 2008, and you can see a hugh change in my skin. Its more even toned and clear. After four days 2 people at my job asked me did i have makeup on cause my skin looked good and brighter.I only had on the skin cream and lipgloss though. My confidence has boosted. Im a user for life.
*Individual results may vary

really does do what it says

-ville valo lover

I baught my first bottle feb 08 and been using it twice daily for the past 5 months i have been through 5 bottles and it is great it really does do what it says, yes it is very expensive but worth it!!!
*Individual results may vary

Meladerm helped my teenage son

-Marti F.

I purchased this for my 19 year old son and he has been very bothered by the dark spots he has on both sides of his face. He has been using it for 2 weeks and has noticed a big change. We just ordered another bottle in hopes that it will completely dissapear at this point we are very satisified with the results. It has boosted his confidence and I'm telling all my friends about this product!!! For a teenager a little change means alot--thanks so much!!
*Individual results may vary

Recommend Meladerm

-Cindy U.

I have ordered my second shipment today. I have used various other products including liquid nitrogen to get rid of age spots but was left with blisters, etc. I am very impressed with this product. The age spots on my hands are fading after 3 weeks of use. I would recommend this product to others.
*Individual results may vary

Meladerm is worth the money!!

-Kyla S.

I got acne scars on my cheek and near my I purchased meladerm and I'm two weeks into it and daymmm the scars is lighter...the product really works....I'm gonna keep on using it for like 2 months cuz it should be gone by way it works for me is I got a daily scrub I use 3 times a day and moisterize my face wit palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E in it.....I don't moisturize the scars only use the meladerm on it 3 times a day and this way works best for me.....Meladerm is worth the money!!!!
*Individual results may vary

Thanks Meladerm


I started using Meladerm Skin Lightening a month go and I am really surprised of the change on texture of my skin and discoloration of the melasma. For the last 4 years I had tried many creams recomended by dermatologist and every time I used them I was scared because the irritation in my skin and sometimes I saw it darker than previous times. I decided to quit them I gave myself a change with Meladerm Product...I am really happy for the change and I would recomend it to friends that have the same situation. The price is nothing compared with the improvement you can see . Thanks Meladerm for birnging my normal color back!!
*Individual results may vary



I was little hesitant in using this product because of my experience with other skin care products, but when I give the go ahead to try it the only thing i can simple say, WOW! U guys are the best!
*Individual results may vary

lighter and brighter skin


I purchased Meladerm because IPL treatments left me with brown spots that never flaked off. I have very fair skin and the brown spots were very noticeable. The results that I have seen are amazing. The brown spots have faded leaving me with lighter and brighter skin. This product is the best and I would highly recommend it!
*Individual results may vary

Meladerm Works!!


I have been using Meladerm for a few months now. I cannot say enough great things about it. It really works! I had some dark spots just appear on my nose and the upper parts of my cheeks due to allot sun exposure. I started my search and found your products. It had such great reviews I gave it a try. I will admit that I was skeptical; but I am so glad that I tried it! It is wonderful. It doesn't irritate my skin and it is not greasy. In fact I use and love all of your products. Thanks for making such cool products that actually work.
*Individual results may vary

scars faded in less then 2months


I started using meladerm for my acne scars on my face. I was completely shocked when my scars faded in less then 2months. I was so excited! Everyone should buy it! It's a miracle in a bottle. I'm going to continue using it. Thanks:)
*Individual results may vary

This product really works.


I purchased this product about a month ago and my face stopped breaking out. Overall my skin has improved and I have noticed that my dark spots have cleared up so much.. This product really works. I just received my second order and ordered the bigger one this time.
*Individual results may vary

Better than I expected


I am a African Amercian woman who bought the product about 3 months ago and I have been using it twice per day for the past 3 months. I have been using it on some old childhood scars and dark spots resulting from scars. My results are nominal but nonetheless better than what I am used to with other products. It does not bleach you skin, or leave you skin darker than before so it is a plus. I also used it on my face and it makes my skin glows. A wonderful product. I am ordering another bottle to see if I get better results with the dark spots from the scars. Hey!Rome wasn't built in a day and my dark spots are almost 4 decades.
*Individual results may vary

9 out of 10


In a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, i give this product a 9. There are too many products out that just absorbs your money and does not deliver good results. Meladerm has delivered...!!! and delivered with excellence!!! I feel content that i have spend my money wisely.
*Individual results may vary


-chere l.

i was so totally shocked by this product, it did just what it promised and in two weeks i seen a complete difference in my face. i tryed many many products and spent alot of money on them and, was always left with what i started with , i had dark pegments splashed about my face and this product in two weeks has evened my skin tone out to almost normal. There is no irritation or side effects just clear even toned skin , thank you , thank you , will use this product forever, going to order some of your other products now because i truely trust the fact that your products work!
*Individual results may vary



BUY IT BUY IT!!!! I have using it now for only three weeks and I feel like my overall tone of my face has improved dramatically. I went through a rough time over the course of the past year and my face broke out my then it ever has. I'm almost 30 and have never really had breakouts like I have had this past year. I tried peels, got on medication, and experimented with other lighteners trying to hide the damage from acne scars and the sun, but nothing has worked. My face has stopped breaking out and my skin tone is much more even. I'm going to continue to use this for the full three months for the best results. So I will check back and let you know. My mom has even mentioned to me that my skin looks great these days and that I look much better with less make up on. Thanks for setting me free from my daily hassle of putting tons of make up on to cover scars and sun spots!
*Individual results may vary

I have pretty skin again


Finally a skin care product that actually does what it claims!!!! As a consumer I am no different than the other millions of people who make purchases based on the advertisment. I as shocked and amazed at the results I got from this miracle cream. I had dark pigmented scar areas from using a nonsurgical breast enlargement system that bedins with the letter B (that didn't work) and this cream has ( 1 and 1/2 bottles) has just about erased the damage. IT TRULY WORKS. I am an unpaid real consumer that nevers leavs feedback. But this cream deserves more than just feedback, it deserves an award. It ha improved my life because now I can wear low cut shirts again even if I don't have the enhanced breasts at least I have pretty skin again!!!!!
*Individual results may vary

I love this product!!


I have been using Meladerm for about 2-3 weeks. My skin has lightened about a shade or so and my skin looks flawless....I couldn't believe it!!! I will probably stop using the cream for a while because the change can be very drastic. I've tanned for years and gradually my face has darkened over a period of time. I've also purchased the cream to lightened some sun spots, but the change is slow because it's been there for over 10 years. Overall, I love this product!!
*Individual results may vary

Wonderful Product

-Linda D.

I have been using Meladerm for just a week now and there has been a noticeable lightening of a large brown age spot on one of my cheeks. I have tried numerous products (from lightening creams to acid peels) to try to lighten this age spot and none have had any effect. Your product does what it says it will do! The skin on my face is much clearer. brighter and has a much more even tone than it ever has before. The results have been amazing in such a short period of time. Thank you for a wonderful product.
*Individual results may vary

Better than OBAGI


I used this product, and my melasma lightened up very well...when I ran out of this product I never reordered and decided to go to the dermatologist well she recommended the OBAGI SYSTEM and I do regret using the Obagi, my dark spots are now darker then the ever were before plus it looks like I have even more dark spots!! I will purchase this(Meladerma)product again, and will continue to use it..
*Individual results may vary

LOVE the results!!!


I have been using Meladerm for 38 days now and LOVE the results!!! I ordered two bottles so I'm sure I'll achieve the desired results upon the completion of the second bottle. I have read numerous reviews from other customers who state the bottle doesn't last long but I beg to differ! After 38 days I still have some left in the first bottle! I use about 2/3 of a pump and that amount seems plenty as it spreads really good. I have used it twice daily and have changed nothing else about my daily face care. I have enclosed before and after pics taken exactly 30 apart. I will again send pics at my 60 day mark and then at the completion of the second bottle! I would highly recommend Meladerm to anyone who wishes to lighten or dramatically fade freckles! My 7 year old son commented in reference to my freckles, "Momma, they're gone!". While not completely gone they have faded dramatically!
*Individual results may vary

all ready see a difference!


I've only been using the product for a week and a half and all ready see a difference! My post inflammatory hyper pigmentation is getting lighter. Hopefully after 3 months, I will see a huge difference! I will keep you posted....thank you for this great product!!!
*Individual results may vary

No irritation at all


I've been using the cream on a dark patch and scar on my face from a very bad abrasion for about 3 weeks, twice a day. I'm already seeing an improvement, it's lighter and smoother. I haven't had any irritation from this cream like I had from using other fade creams.
*Individual results may vary

Keep up the good job.


I just want to say that I am very satisfied with the product. Like so many others I have suffered with acne for almost nine years. And now that I have my acne under control I wanted something that would take away my scars. I 've tried so many things but they either worked to slow, broke me out more, or just did'nt do the job. Last year in December close to January I came across your web-site and did read up on you guys and decied to give it a try. I must say that I am very please and happy that I gave it a try. My face looked so bad at one point that I always wore my hair down just to try and hide my face, because I was very ashmed of the way I looked. I just did'nt have enough self-esteem at the time. Many people may not understand how ance can have a major impact on a person. But I know for a fact that its just a horrible feeling to have to deal with something so ugly. But I've been using your propuct for two months now and I noticed a major difference. I've gotten so many compliments and I no longer wear my hair down. I just ordered another bottle this time I got the larger one. Hopefully this one will finish the job. Thank you so much, you will never know the great impact that you have had on my life, just within a couple of weeks. I have to say that I feel pretty again. I am African American and I just wanted to let other African Americans know that this is the way to go if you are looking for a bleaching cream. Keep up the good job. Thanks
*Individual results may vary

best product I have ever used


I have never taken the time to comment on a skin care product until now.I have very fair skin. Every mark on my face is easy to see because I'm so fair. I bought Meladerm for hyper pigmentation because I was desperate for my skin to be normal again!!I looked on every web site trying to find some info on what would rid me of the red marks. I am so glad I took my time researching before I tried anything. I almost bought something with hydroquinone in it, until I found out how dangerous it is. I started getting adult acne in my thirties. I'm getting ready to turn 42 in April. Not only do I have to deal with acne, my skin is overly dry. I had beautiful skin in my teens and twenties. I only broke out around my cycle. When I hit my thirties I freaked out when I started getting acne. I've been on Rx meds. Proactive,everything out there. Nothing has made my skin look this good ever!! I have been fighting acne,red marks,and dry patches on my face for ever. Iwas lucky to find this product online.When I found this I had been using Retin A for 2 months. My Dr. said stick with it . You will see a change after 4 to 6 weeks. I used it correctly. It helped some what, but it wasn't fully getting rid of the acne. My face still looked like a mess. I had red marks left that would not go away and terrible dry patches. I had to cover my face with foundation to hide everything.After trying to hide the acne with makeup,the dry patches showed up worse.All the dry patches are gone and the red marks.One of my friends told me my face looks like it is glowing.That made me feel good!! Meladerm is also keeping the acne under control because of the vitamin A in it. This is the best product I have ever used. I've told everyone I know about it. I love it and will keep using it.
*Individual results may vary

I can wear a bikini again

-Emmerie Z.

I've been using the cream for a month now and I am noticing a satisfactory result. I have a hyperpigmentation in my butt area and my inner thighs because of skin irritations. I must say that I have a very good figure but I was always not confident in wearing bikinis because I am afraid that people will see it. It took years for me finding the best cream that will help fade the pigmentations. I will continue using the cream until my pigmentation goes back to my normal skin color. Thank you so much.
*Individual results may vary

regained confidence in my skin


i was sceptical as most people are but decided i wouldnt find out for myself unless i tryed it ive been using it for 3 weeks and i can see a slight change in my hyperpigmentation which is better than nothing, i was so embarresed when i went out and always so paranoid people were staring at me because of it and i have become much more confident because my skin looks better and hope it continues to get better, so i hope that the longer i use it i will see more of a change. i had no irritation other than a lil dryness which lasted around a week or so.
*Individual results may vary

extremely effective product

-C. S.

Proven to be an extremely effective product. My mother has had dark circles for a long time and only after using Meladerm, they have almost completely disappeared! This product really does work and it's pretty affordable.
*Individual results may vary

I can't even express my happiness in words

-Bobby C.

I started using your Meladerm products on Feb. 20, 2008. Today is Feb. 22. It hasn't been a week yet, and I am beginning to see a difference these products are having on my skin. Blemishes and dark spots are beginning to fade. I was somewhat skeptical at first, as I have tried many skin products but avoided any skin lighters because I was afraid that lighteners would make my skin worse than it already is. I am an African-American male, 52 years of age, with dark skin. The acne scares, old blemishes, and age spots are my embarrassments. I don't like taking photo graphs. Without enough lighting, my photo is unusually dark. I even have a hard time meeting and greeting people, because I am so embarrassed of the way my skin looks. But your product is giving me hope that, finally, I can begin restoring my natural skin complexion with an even tone. I eagerly look forward to washing with the Meladerm Cleanser. It the best I every tried. I stop using soap. And the Meladerm moisturizer is just what you say it. My skin feels softer, no longer oily. I can't wait to see what results I might achieve once a month has passed.

And you can bet I'll be writing you again and ordering more products!

Thank you so much. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your website. You are answer to my prayer. Keep up the excellent work, and my GOD bless your organization.
*Individual results may vary


-Diana H.

I have had hyperpigmentation spots on my face for about 10 years now. I had no idea of what to do about it. I just knew that I didn't want this problem, so I searched the internet for a possible solution for it. I was amazed to find that there was information on the subject, especially on reducing hyperpigmentation, just what I was searching for, and at the top of the list was Civant Skin Care. I had never hear of this skin care line before but curiosity and deperation made me take a look. After going on the site and reading about the care and dedication put into the development of this very special skin care line (taking 4 years) and making sure of it's safety of use (leaving out chemicals that harmful) I was very impressed! Then I read the testimonials of the others who have used these products and their wonderful results. I then decided that THIS IS THE ONE I should try. I have used the products for a month now and have noticed great improvement in my complexion.I can see the hyperpigmentation slowly fading. I really am glad I found Civant Skin Care, YOU ROCK!
*Individual results may vary

Your product is amazing.


Your product is amazing. i have been using chemical peel for my dark spots and ended up having face discoloration. After 2 and a half week of using your product, it cleared away my discolorations and lightened my spots. thanks a lot.I can know go out with pride of a good looking skin
*Individual results may vary

Reduced Sun Damage & Redness

-john m.

this is a great product, it does what it says. i am very lightskinned and thougth it would be a good idea to get a little tan.After tanniing it left my face bright red and my body returned to normal, this lasted for about 1YEAR!!!. i have been using meladerm for two weeks and already know its working, my face is finally starting to match the rest of my skin and is returning to its normal color. I thought i would never get rid of the pigment in my cheeks but this product has proven me wrong. i highly recommend this product to anyone who has sun damage. Also this product has made my blushing a lot better since my face is not as red as it was before
*Individual results may vary

Throwing away the makeup!!

-camille d.

I've been using your product for 2 weeks. Literally I have spent over $1000 to rid myself of hyperpigmentation. I'm very happy with the results I've had so far with Meladerm. I no longer need to use concealer nor heavy makeup to cover-up those dark spots. Thank you!
*Individual results may vary


-G. Singh

I was introduce to this product by my sister Sonia, I am so impress with the changes of my skin, it is more smoother, all the acne marks is actually gone, and my skin is lighter. I am very happy with this product and would recommend it to other. My sister had a dark complextion and her face and hand is so clear. My family is also amaze with her skin color. Thank you Melederm.
*Individual results may vary

Worked for me

-terry k.

I really think that meladerm has helped the sunspots (agespots) on my cheeks and nose. After years of living in Florida, the sun had really taken its toll on my fair skin. I am just about to order my new supply of meladerm. For me it has really worked!
*Individual results may vary

Meladerm lived up to all expecations


Simply amazing! I've used Meladerm for a little over two weeks now, but I noticed a drastic change in the condition of my skin within a week. I am a Korean American male, who honestly neglected his skin for years (I never went out of my way to wash my face before sleeping unless I sweated a lot, sometimes even after sweating a lot, and I've never used UV protection, ever). Recently, after graduating from college and becoming more settled down and focused on things, one being the condition of my skin, it really hit me I had terrible skin and it hit my self esteem so bad I couldn't even be my normal self anymore. I am fortunate to not have serious acne, but honestly I couldn't even stand to look at my face because it was so rough, significantly darker, and just unattractive compared to the rest of my skin. I did a lot of research and went crazy using astringents and moisturizers, but it seemed like it was just drying out my face even more (I believe I have oily skin), and it was like I was just making it worse. I've tried using a product many of you may be familiar with called Bio-Oil, and although I will not disclaim it because I believe that there's just so much diversity with skin type so that it could work for others, it simply did not work for me. I won't say I was about to give up, but I was getting really desperate, and truthfully, I wasn't expecting much from Meladerm because there are just so many products out there, the guarantees and testimonials mean nothing to you after a while, but now I am writing to say it has done the single most amazing thing to my appearance that I cannot help to write how great it is. Obviously, there is no guarantee anything will work, and although I might have more interest in skin care now, I am a guy and I never have seen a dermatologist or skin specialist, but I will say that for someone like me it made all the difference. My skin has become incredibly smooth (I had little bumps all over, which weren't noticeable indoors, but the unforgiving ambience of light from the sun really caused them to show) and the unnatural discoloration has faded considerably I could not be any more pleased. Thank you so very much for having created this product, I hope others like me or others who can relate to me might be inspired by this and give your product a try!
*Individual results may vary

Will order again

-udma t.

It is just a great cream, grateful thanks to my best niece who told me about this. I had laser,peel, you name it I had it - nothing worked just made it worse. I had been using it for a week and am already seeing the results. Thanks a million - I would be ording a bigger bottle soon.
*Individual results may vary

Got my confidence back!


THIS PRODUCT IS SOOO AMAZING...I am an African American female and I have severe acne which leaves unsightly dark spots on my face. I have tried just about every otc product which only made my condition worse. After 2 weeks with Civant I could see a huge difference. It's been about 6 months and I can honestly say that this product has given me back my confidence. I have recommended to all my friends and family..Great Product and will always continue to use it...
*Individual results may vary

"It is a Miracle Cream"

-Angela W.

I have used your product at least twice. I must say "It is a Miracle Cream." As I have stated previously, I'm not able to order it as often as I should but whenever I come across some extra money, I will be ordering. My ankles, finger joints and elbows has lightened-up tremendously and I mean quickly. Meladerm really works.
*Individual results may vary

Expensive but still amazing!

-Jerusha S.

I would love to say that your product is truly amazing and I love it!  There is no ifs, ands or buts about it is a very exceptional product.  They only negative I have is that; it would be great if you could have sales or lower the prices.  I could get a lot more of my friends and family to buy your outstanding products if you had introductory offers, or special online or email offers.  Or in general sales as well like Connie Stevens (Forever Spring).  I would buy your products every month if the prices were reasonable.  It took me a lot of saving up to do to buy these two bottles.  Could you have specials like buy two bottles and get one free or for the price of one?  Just some helpful hits from pleased customer.
*Individual results may vary

What a breakthrough!


Wow! what a breakthrough. Two months ago, I went on line because I had tried everything for my pigmentantion to no avail, I found this product "meladerm" and decided to try it, I've just received my second bottle from the mail, the first one did wonders, I can now go to work without any make up on, and everyone is asking me, what happened. I live in South Africa, and I cannot find the product here. I've been to dermatologists who didn't help. Thank you so much.

Sandra (South Africa)
*Individual results may vary

cures all my skins aliments


I am a multiracial female I have been having problems with my skin for a while now. Its ether 1 thing or another to dry to oily, two toned, pick one. Moisturizers work and then break me out then the acne medications dry me beyond repair, then I would get dark patches. This product has realy helped even out those bouts of periods were I did not know what to use at any given times it seems to be a cure all for all of my skins aliments I have been using it for less than two weeks and I am happy so far.
*Individual results may vary

Thanks so much for this amazing product


i have had a terrible outbreak on my face for close to 4yrs after using a product on my face. Ever since i have had rashes, acne and patches. i had laser treatment, i was put on strong steriods, hydrocortisone creams, and many more. My face got burnt badly after using a cream containing hydroquinone. i have gone through expensive treatments an nothing seemed to be working. I have been so down spirited for years. the rashes and the acne gets better because of the steriod i use in controlling it. The moment i stop it appears again. the dark patches are still there. I was told by my dermatologist to ignore it and wait for it to repair by itself. After searching for hydroquinone-free cream, i came across your product. I ordered and had it on the 4th jan 08. Just four days after usng this amazing product, i have since seen great improvement, the rashes and the acne are all gone, the dark patches are beginning to fade, I cannot wait to see what happens after 2weeks or 3months since the burnt on my face was so severe i will give myself 3mths for a perfect tone. I will update you with my progress. I can't be happier now. Thanks so much for this amazing product. It actually works
*Individual results may vary

Even works for burn scars

-thankfully yours

I know in your ad you do not mention burn scars.  As a ninfant was was burned pretty bad on the side of my face from the chin bone to under my neck. you can place the palm of your hand over it.  However the burn did not keloid. so it was a smooth dark surface. but also light in some areas..  people thought it was a birthmark.  I was using an over the counter fade cream and it started to lighten the burn scar. I was online looking for another product that may work better when I came across this web site.  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!! I have been using it for three weeks. twice a day. it has lighted the scar to the same color as my natural brown skin.  it is becoming almost undetectable. its like you know something was there because of the outline but it is gradually fading to the color of my own skin.  I was so shocked and felt so liberated thank you so much. I want to add that I'm a pretty girl and the scar was an eyesore when noticed. People use to say you are so pretty that it was hard to believe that it was a burn scars.  May i add it was a third degree burn. I'm not sure why it is workin on my scar but I'm so amazed and so gratefull. This is the best product ever and I will even do a commercial for you if you want me to.  :)  Thanks.
*Individual results may vary

Meladerm really works


I just got my meladerm, wow it is already doing its job lightening up my face and hands wow. this is quite a product. I have bought before lighteners and no avail, but this is as it says on the web page this really works, THANKS!!
*Individual results may vary

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