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remarkable result


my sister let me share this product and in a week, the result was remarkable. i will order some once am out.
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Thank you


Ok I told myself as I was checking out buying your product. All I want for Christmas is clear skin. Well your giving it to me it truely it is working. I'm 3 weeks in that's it and I'm bright and healthier looking. Blemishes I've been dealing with for more than a year are fading. My blemish problem is do to in grown facial hair,acne and me picking it. I'm a black female honey complex and was so self consious afraid people would get to close and find out. It is fadding these marks. I'm really greatful I will post a pics of before and after soon. I know it is going to get even better I would recommend your product and plan on buying more and new products. thank for your product I'm glad found it that lonely night in Nov. Searching for something to help fix my skin CIVANTE...Thank You
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Bathing I come.....


Like alot of overweight people. One of the most dredful symptoms of being of larger size is the 'thigh rub'. I have lost alot of weight recently and need a skin lightner to 'beautify' my inner thighs. I have been using the product for about 3 months and my very very dark, almost blackened skin is now lighter brown and working its way back to my complexion (which is light caramel). Im pleased with the results and will continue to use it until my inner thighs have fully recovered. Bathing I come.....
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God Bless to all of you


God Bless to all the genius people who put their hardwork to invent this miraculous product that really works.I am thankful from the bottom of my heart that how this product really improved the discoloration of my skin.It just never end that,it stoped the itchiness and dryness.It was unbelievable!!!Research payoff,thank you for the people who invented this product.May your life prosper and God Bless to all of you.I just couldn't wait to use your other product.
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yes it really works


yes it really works l have been using it for sometime and my face has improved and yje pigmentation has disappeared thanks to this product it really helps.
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Meladerm is amazing!


Hello, The product is amazing. I have been using the product for 4 months and I noticed a difference on my skin. I am about to buy the Civant Complete 5 Piece Kit. I would really like to use the eye cream. Can't wait to see the result. Thank You for providing the best product.
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great for underarms


My underarms had discoloration due to allergy they were very dark and my face had few scars.I researched all websites in online and found about meladerm and decided to try that.I am glad i tried it my underarms are now lightning after a use of one month , i already bought two bottles but i have scars on my legs also wil use there.Thanks for such a great product. I am very happy.
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Faded 2 year old black spot


I had that big black spot on the side my face due to a small injury followed by post hyper pigmentation for more than 2 years, and it used to annoy me so much, i used this cream for like a week now and i really see results! I guess that in a couple of more weeks it could actually disappear, I almost lost hope! thanks for making this product for real
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Meladerm is the miracle.


I bought two bottles and received them in Germany Frankfurt almost a week ago. I am now feeling the great sensation of improvement. My mouth area especially on the moustache became incredible black and dry like I don't know how to describe it. On top of it all loads of pimple married my face. Oh my gosh! I had to see doctor and cosmetician to help reduce the pimples. I took a cream anti bacterial the doctor prescribed and it did not work. Then she gave me tablet to swallow and this can only help the pimples and not help lighten up the dark on my face. I was so ashame everyday. Look at my beautiful light brown skin is changing to a black ghost. I cried everyday and pray that I will get something better and GOD heard me and said try Meladerm. I saw it on the website months ago and refused, I said it is all bla bla bla I will not buy it. After great thought I said I will finally buy it. And I just want to say this product is the miracle. My dark mouth area is getting visibly clear. I am very happy with Meladerm. I do not need to use any other product just MEladerm for life now. It is soft and good moisturiser because my skin needs loads of moisturiser. The only problem now I will not have to order from your website, because one of your supplier in the UK sells also on the internet. I have order from them so I have reserve and it is easier for me to buy from them, because I do travell to the UK from time to time and it is closer to me. I will not give Meladerm 5 star but the MIRACLE! Why don't you do body cream also? I wish you all loads of energy and continue making the best product especially for people who want to do skin correction and maybe even more. Peace and Love
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Made it through the Summer

-David S.

This is an update of feedback I left on May 20th just to say I made it since May all throughtout summer and the skin where I have used the product (face hands neck) which would normally be darker from so much sun exposure have suprisingly remained light! I am so happy for these results and cant wait to start using the product again this winter.
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