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Magic on your skin!


I've been using the product from dec 14th till then and i should say that it has worked wonders on my skin.i now feel that i should have used this product even before.though i never had acne problems from childhood i was allergic to different waters and my skin started reacting to it.i had severe acne and after i used the cream for about two weeks iam completely relieved of my acne.and i could not believe my skin has become soft and supple and iam now having a clear mom is so happy with the changes on my skin.because of the acne i had before i had dark spots on my face and i must say that it has gradually faded is a great product and it is like a magic.i recommend this product for those who have acne problems is so nice.THANKS A LOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!THANKS THANKS now planning to buy more of meladerm and keep it to use once this is over.I REALLY LOVE THE PRODUCT.THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.
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Dark patches on knees, elbows, and armpits.

-Jalisa H.

For years I have suffered with black (and I mean BLACK) patches of unsightly skin on my knees, elbows. and arm pits. Meladerm, applied specifically to these areas, has definitely lightened those areas. I use Meladerm on a daily basis and will continue to!
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This stuff REALLY works!

-Claire C.

I am not the kind of person to write reviews. In fact, I think this is actually my first one ever! I just felt the need to say something after trying this product because I am sure many of you out there were just like me. I spent 10 years living in the sunshine with constant exposure to my face and body. I also took the contraceptive pill for over 12 years. When I had to swap to another pill, I developed quite severe melasma on my forehead, nose, cheeks and upper lip. I stopped taking the pill and did not go into the sun at all but the melasma did not fade even over 2 years. I had 4 deep chemical peels which did take off some of the discolouration but I was still left with melasma that not even makeup could cover. As my skin was starting to suffer from the peels, I looked for an alternative treatment and have tried nearly every cream out there. I wasnt overly hopeful about Meladerm but thank heaven I tried it. After only 1 week the difference was noticable and I could cover my melasma with makeup. After 2 months, my melasma is still slightly there but barely noticable I am ECSTATIC!!!!. I will continue to use the product until I see complete results. The cream is light, nice smelling and didnt even irritate my skin. I will buy this cream for as long as it exists. Thank you Meladerm! I urge anyone out there tired of their melasma to give this a try. It really does work!
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Its an Awesome product!


I am an Indian women.I have been using this product since 1 month and trust me it really works!This product gave me a smooth , pigmentation free skin and a glowing complexion.I recommend this product for everyone,this product is seriously worth a try.All you need to do is,just practise diligent skin care and have a little patience,it will surely give you the results!
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Very Very Happy customer


I have been using meladerm for about 3 months now for melasma on my neck. What a wonderful product your company has. The melasma is visible getting much much lighter.I have seen a dermatologist for 1 year using a medication that was givin to me from the doctor. Did not work, or I should say not the result I was after very dissapointed. Then things changed I found Civant on the internet started seeing results within the first 2 months. I'am way more self confident now then I had been for a very very very long time. I have had melasma for several years. Now it's finally going by by. Thanks so Very Very much for wonderful products I'am going to continue to use the products for a few more months or as needed. I'am a Very Very Happy customer. Thanks so very much. This product has really changed my life I'am a much more happier person now. Have a Happy New Year
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This is it for me!


This is the perfect product! I am an African American woman and have battled skin break out since age 13. For that reason, I have discoloration from old scars. I also have a combination skin with a shiny forehead and nose! I have tried almost every product in the market that was recommended for dark complexion but all in vain. Then one year ago I came accross the reviews and product detais. With hesitation I decided to order one Melarderm container. It is the best thing I have done. My skin is beautiful and even. It is smooth, I am so happy and will not stop using this product. THIS IS IT FOR ME! I finally found a product that works!

I have recommended this product to all my friend. I am 45 and looking great. Most of my friends thought I did some cosmetic surgery, I tell them No and provide them with the website for CIVANT! That is what did for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Meladerm works


I'm very please to tell that this Meladerm works well on my skin, even me my self has notice that
my skin getting fairer (the pigmentation get faided), but I waited till somebody surrounding me to tell something is different about my skin. And yes there is somebody has noticed it. So mean it works. And she also wanted to use it and ask me to order for her. I just use it for 3 weeks twice a day and I'd notice the different it makes.Till now I'm still using it, but only once a day.
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Looking forward to a great complexion


I am an Asian lady 67 years old, and have jus started using ur cream Meladerm. Previously I have tried all sorts of creams, lotions and dermatologists, and have not been fortunate in improving my skin. I have melasma on my forehead and upper lip, dark area around my mouth and chin , hyper-pigmentation on both cheeks and left over scars from teenage pimples. Thro all my years I have hidden behind lots of cover creams on my face. I read on-line about ur product and have decided to try it and am so happy I have received (within 2 weeks of ordering) the product. I am a pensioner and have only ordered for the actual cream and a microderma cloth but sometime wud like to have the whole civant skin-care product. I have taken the before picture and will submit it to u soon. Many many thanks to the caring and wonderful people who have come up with this product. Regards - RA.
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Thanks for bring back my confidence


I am an Asian who is a perfectionist when it comes to my skin. After had two babies, I wanted to get rid off some pigmentation to achieve the translucency I use to have in my 20s, and I went ahead with the Fraxel treatment. To my disappointment, the treatment left me with much more hyper-pigmentation and overly sensitive skin, not to mention that my old liver spots are still there. The clinic told me that I could go through another set of non-invasive laser treatments which would cost me thousands of dollars more. Thank god that I found Meladerm. I used this product for 3.5 weeks now. I started with using all the products recommended in the first week, but I had a lot of breakouts and my skin was very bumpy. I don’t know if it was hormonal or due to the products. So I went back to my old cleanser, and only apply Meladerm and B3 serum with a little or no moisturizer from the second week. Of course 30+ sunscreen during day time. I am very impressed with the Meladerm, it delivers. The result is very even skin tone, the hyper-pigmentation I had before and from the treatment are 95% gone. (I said I am a perfectionist); the redness I always had are minimized. None of my liver spots are fading as yet, however they are not that noticeable since my entire face has cleared up. Just to add, I had no more breakouts, and the pimple marks hasn't gone dark this time, they are fading much faster than normal. I want to thank Meladerm for bring my confidence back and also for making a product that really works. I am writing this also because all previous customers' feedback saved me a lot of money, and I'm hopping I can do the same for whoever is considering this product.
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Best cream


I purchased Meladerm online n started using it on d 5th of October 2011,firstly,it made my skin very soft n smooth,I also noticed my spots have cleard to very very faint,however I'm still lookn forward to overall brighteness though I tink its because I can't seem to find a good sunscreen n moisturizer to go with it,I'm about to purchase more Meladerm cuz I intend to use it forever...x0x0
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