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I was always self concience about my skin tone,I was lighter as a young child, and as I gotten older, years with acne, and sun, My skin was very uneven.I tried everything, I always took pictures of myself,and what i saw in the picture, i had uneven skin.So one day, i was browsing,and and came across maladerm, i saw more good than bad reviews.scratch that! i didnt see any bad reviews, weeks later, i decided i was gonna order me some, i took that chance,and when i used it, within hours later, my skin literally! lighten up. I was so amazed, how fast it, was. i took pics, and compare them to my old ones i took,and was like wow,what a change.I have now the skin when i was younger, and really thank the people who made this.
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Meladerm is the best!!


Meladerm is my best friend, I had tried so many products, infact my hubby had named me product junky but no more. I discoverd Meladerm 4 months ago and it has done magic on my face, my cheeks were discolored had to use too much blush but no more. My entire face is so radiant and my friends have been asking me all the time, what are you using? I gladly tell them Meladerm. I made my 2 friends order it and they are already happy with it. God bless the one who came up with the idea of Meladerm. I just received my order with a bright smile on my face. THANK YOU MELADERM YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE, I'M MORE CONFIDENT AND VERY VERY HAPPY.
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I had melasma on my forehead cheeks and nose i ordered meladerm and in two weeks my face was clearing up i love meladerm no more wearing makeup
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-Prince Jr.

AM 19 years old And I live in Ethiopia, I was able to make my relatives send me this product to Ethiopia. And at first I did not see any changes but now its been 3 weeks, My face is clear and whiter and am the happiest i've ever been, I got my confidence back. SO I JUST WANT TO SAY TO EVERYONE IT REALLY WORKS.JUST BE PATIENT AND DON'T GIVE UP. U WILL HAVE GREATER RESULTS THAT U IMAGINED. I LLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEE U MELADERM!
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God Bless Civant for creating this stuff . It really does work!!!!


I have been using this product for one and a half year now. I am convinced that this product does work!!! I started getting age spot on my cheek bones about five years ago. Then to make my skin appearance worst, I waxed my upper lip area, may be just once or twice. To my surprise, the skin above my lips, darkened after waxing and it seemed like I had thick hair on my upper lip. Needless to mention, my face looked like a guy's face with mustache. It was too embarrassing. I also jog in the sun due to which my skin spots continued to worsen. Frustrated with this issue I kept trying a lot of expensive departmental-store skin lightening products. I used each one for at least 30- 60 days as I was told that the spots that took years to form, would go away slowly. I ended up returning them as they did not show any noticeable improvement. I also tried some home remedies that worked at a slow pace. I did not afford any medical treatment so I decided to some research online. I did not know about Civant until I read some great reviews on it. First I bought the small bottle. I followed the instructions carefully. I applied it twice and used the sun screen SPF 30 or higher at all times, as recommended by the company. In about three weeks, my upper lip started getting lighter. I was amazed!! I bought two more bottles and continued the treatment. I have ordered my fourth one. I keep using it on my new scars left by occasional pimples or new age spots. My years- old scars and age spots are gone, leaving a much clearer skin. I will continue to use this product because I keep getting pimples that always leave a scar. Meladerm takes care of it all. My advice to the consumers is to not expect an overnight recovery. Allow the product to work at its pace and use sun screen religiously. Believe in Meladerm, be patient and you will see the miracle.
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It's working!

-Romiecka W.

I'm a 42yo African American who started the cream 3wks ago. I have not seen any changes in the texture of my stretch marks, but it has worked beautifully on my face. The compliments have begun :-) I don't need lotion or moisturizer! I now have an even toned glowing face in 3wks! I hope it works on the stretch marks soon. I can't wait to see 2month results. I'm ordering the eye cream next. My face looks lovely :-)
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-Sindy G.

A few years ago I noticed that I had some dark patches appear on both my cheeks I had no idea what this was after some time of trying to find out what it was by my doctor I was told it was hyper pigmentation. I had never heard of this before so I started asking your regular beauty therapist what I could do to get rid of it. Need I say I was sold a few different creams to use which made no difference infect I saw it was making it worse. I searched the Internet for a product and came across meladerm it took me a few months to decide whether or not to go ahead and purchase this product. Alsace I did in september wouldn't say that in two weeks you will notice much but after a month of using this product I have started to get my confidence back. I am someone who uses makeup only occasionally I found I was using it everyday to cover up my dark patches. Glad to say I have gone back to only wearing makeup when I go out for a night out. Make sure you use sp50 + aswel.
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I saw results in less than a week!


This is my first time ever writing a review about any product, I just had to! I am so amazed how quickly this product worked. I am a retired postal carrier from California. In 20 years of working outside, I never wore sunscreen! I thought because I was hispanic, I didn't need to worry. My golden glow soon turned into an uneven dark blotchy mask all over my face. When I tried to cover with makeup, my skin looked gray and caked on. I have been using this product for 10 days now and I am beyond amazed at my skin. I noticed a difference after 3 days, no lie. I wish now I had taken pictures. I also have dark circles under my eyes from years of insomnia and after using eye cream I have noticed a change as well. I ordered the 5 piece kit because it was the best value and each product is better than the next. Cleanser worked great with the green cloth. The toner was not harsh and didn't dry out my skin. I have acne scars and large pores and I noticed they have minimized substantially. My only request is that a Civant sunscreen should come in the kit. I will have to go back and order it. I am anxious to see what my skin will look like in a couple of months. This is the first product I've used for my hyperpigmentation, and I'm just glad I didn't have to spend a lot of money on failed products. I will definitely recommend these products to anyone who will listen. I can't stop looking in the mirror!
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Really Works!!


I wanted to take the time to endorse this product because it actually works!! My esthetician commented on my skin and noticed the improvement in my overall skin condition. This product works!!
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The 1st cream that works!


I'm using Meladerm for now 2 months and my melasma in the face has turned lighter, im still using the first bottle and just ordered a 2nd one, i hope to say that my melasma has faded for 100% in a couple of months by using Meladerm; the first cream that actually works..
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