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Best Skin Brightening Cream


Hello, I am from Malaysia. I'm glad to know Civant Skin Care Products. I actually start using Meladerm in October 2013 and was impressed and happy with the result. My freckles and dark spots on my face has lightened and my skin glow. I will purchase more of the Civant products as it worth buying.
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Absolutely swear by Meladerm!


I have been a regular user of Meladerm skin whitening cream over 5 years and I think it is long overdue that I share my satisfaction with others who look for a product that delivers real results. This is my first product review ever and I feel confident and happy to write something which changed my skin history. I am a middle-aged woman of African origin with a dark skin complexion and I spent quite a fortune in looking for the right product for years. About a month after I started using Meladerm, I have been enjoying a smooth, spot free and younger looking skin to the amazement of many. Most importantly, the results look so natural unlike those from other skin bleaching/damaging products and I can regulate the shades I wish to attain by taking a break up to a week. The only thing one should avoid is staying under strong sun light without protection. I absolutely swear by Meladerm, which I can not find a replacement for and would not even think of an alternative as long as this product exists.
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tried everything

-lisa t.

i have been reading about meladerm for quite sometime and finally decided to try it after years of going to the dermo and getting unsatisfactory results. i have been using it for a month now and i have seen a drastic change in my skin. my dark marks have started fading, my acne is gone. i have started going out without makeup, which i havent done for many years. im so in looooveeee with this product.
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Best 21st Century Products Ever!!

-Yvonne B.

I purchased the Meladerm 4 piece kit in early July,to try some of these products. I just didn't believe the testimonials I read. I then said to myself, all these folks couldn't be untruthful,So I ordered and started using the products as directed. In less than a week, I started seeing a change. I'm now on my 3rd. week, and I'm Astonished the results of your products. No irritating at all. I'm African American. I only wish as great as the scientist are that there is no body lotion for the arms and legs due to the summer sun damage. I will no longer shop the shopping channels for my face products. 20 years plus hundreds of $$$$ for nothing that work. Customer for life. Civant made a believer out of me.
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The best result that I've ever had!


I was really depressed about my face that had so many acne marks and pores on my face. I used many products and sometimes I make up my face to get rid of the acne, but those did not work. By researching on internet I eventually got to know best product that make skin lighter and can get rid of the all acne marks. So I right a way bought the meladerm products, i got Sunscreen, cleanser & moisture. Now I can see the best result on my face. Meladerm is the great product that I have ever seen before, so i recommend this product for everyone!
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cream amazing


ive been using cream for week and ive seen amazing results im so happy with results cant wait buy more
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Great Results


I had a really nasty burn on my arm from a freaky accident at work, sadly involving a microwave and an egg. A coworker noticed my burn as it was healing and I mentioned it was going to leave quite an ugly scar. He gave me the Meladerma and said try it, he couldn't guarantee it would work, but I thought why not. It was practically healed anyway. Three weeks after using the product, twice a day, M - F at work (I left the bottle at on my desk), the scar was almost gone. After a month of use, the scar was completely gone. I've since used it on older scars with the same results. This stuff is amazing!
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My melasma makes me sad. MAC full-coverage foundation became my best friend...until I tried MELADERM. Very quickly I began to see results. I can now look into my bathroom mirror when I awake and smile because I look "normal". Mustache and under eye discoloration greatly reduced. Now I can look great using a light-weight tinted BB cream...and I'm only on my first bottle of MELADERM. Here is what I can't figure out. Why do other product makers find it so hard to be effective. MELADERM makes it look so easy.
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Quick remedy for balck patches


I am a male brown guy (Indian). I had black patches around my nose and cheeks. I am using meladerm for the past 2 weeks and seen a noticeable improvement. I will continue using meladerm and post how it worked for me.
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Amazing result!!!! finally something that really works

-Eva R.

I am 54 years old , for the past 5 years I have been trying everything from informacial products to expensive creams,all a mayor dissapointment. I gave up. I came to terms with myself. 54 is here , and my face is just aging ( deal with it ). Someone told me about Civiant. I tried it. It results were AMAZING !!!!! one week , and my skin is clear and beautiful. I love this product. I tell everyone about this product. I would love to be a spokes person for this company. I truly believe in this product. You will see result right away....Thank Civant!!!!!
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