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My real story! Changed my life

Finally i can go without makeup On! In less than 3 months i've got rid of most of my facial pigmentation.

*Individual results may vary

The Unknown/Hope

When I was a teenager I had this perfect skin, as I got older my skin was starting to look terrible, I have tried every lightning creams available on the market nothing seemed to work at all, after a while it was getting very depressing, that was until I came across Meladerm, I have only been trying it for about 2 weeks now and OMG I can see the changes already this has given me hope. Thank you to the creators of this absolutely marvellous brilliant product, love it, love it, love it, I will definitely be buying more. Thank you again...

*Individual results may vary

Happy I tried this product!

My dark spots showed up during and after pregnancy. After some weeks, dark patches are not completely gone but noticeably lighter. I apply product at night and make sure I wear sunscreen. Extremely satisfied with meladerm purchase.

-Elvira F.
*Individual results may vary

Amazing results

I have been using this product just less than a month. I have dark lines around my neck due to hyperpigmentation. Also some checmical burns that I got during a skin tag removal. Hyper pigmentation and these scar made my neck look worst. I started using Meladerm about 3weeks ago and results are amazing.

*Individual results may vary

Great change in my skin tone

I was looking for skin lightening products for a long time. The problem of hyper-pigmentation upset me for years. Eventually, I found Meladerm and tried it. It really works for me and my skin tone has improved a lot. I'll keep on using it.

-Ng K.L.
*Individual results may vary

dark marks from acne

After one of the worst break outs I was left with really bad hyperpigmentation. For reference purposes I think it's important to know my race. I am a light skin black/ Carmel complexion. When I have a breakout my healed acne or hyperpigmentation turns about 10 shades darker then my normal complexion. This has helped so much and it's only been about three weeks since I started using it. I would say my spots are now about four/five shades lighter. I started using this product immediately after my break outs slowed down. So the scars are pretty fresh. I also use a glycolic face wash which I think helps a lot in conjunction with the melderm. My skin just peels off and I'm left with a lighter spot. I just purchased the serum and I'm hoping iy will expedite my results. I read the melderm works better in conjunction with the serum. Please purchase this product it's worth your happiness and health.

*Individual results may vary

The Meladerm Skin Lightening Product Truly Works!

I've used different products over the years, and I keep coming back to Meladerm. It definitely lightens freckles and brown spots.

-Julie D.
*Individual results may vary

An Absolute Miracle!

This product really has really helped me out a lot! As a child, I absolutely loved to go outside every single day in the hot sun to play and run around. Before I knew it, A bunch of freckles developed on my skin without even me noticing! As each year passed, I developed more and more freckles which I was really not fond of. I absolutely hated them. It made my self-confidence go down severely, and I became a really shy and insecure person because of my freckles. I was just too scared to show my face to everyone because of how ugly I was because of the freckles. I was desperate to find a solution, and I was fortunate enough to come across Meladerm while doing research. Everything on the website and the product itself looked really convincing to me. All of the stories were very positive towards the product and it had a lot of positive reviews. I decided to give it a try and it works like a charm! I have been using this product for eight months and nearly 80 percent of my freckles have disappeared! I was able to regain my old confidence in myself and be more open. I don't ever write reviews for anything, but I feel that this product absolutely deserves it! Best product ever! It may seem totally sketchy at first, but trust me, this product will not disappoint you.

-Kevin T.
*Individual results may vary

positive results

I am writing for my positive result after using Meladerm for about 2.5 months. You wouldn't see results so fast. I will not be overly enthusiastic. But really it works. Gradually but surely, my melasma was a round spot at the lower left cheek now it's fading away. I have used The Eye care, Toner and Sun Block all ok. But the best result is Meladerm.

*Individual results may vary

Yo solo quiero dar las gracias alas personas que isieron estos milagrosos productos

Ami en lo personal me alludo bastante la crema yo compre todo el set de meladerm los primeros dias mis manchas se oscurecieron muchísimo como si tubiera chocolate en la cara la verdad me avia arrepentido de a verlo comprado pero que compro el trapito verde y que creen me lo talle despacito como decia i note que el trapito se puso mugroso hoy mis manchas se aclararon dramáticamente yo la verdad recomiendo bastante este producto a estoy casi libre de Manchas meladerm tarda un poquito en desmanchar pero valio la pena fuy constante y aun mes de a verlo comprado gracias alas personas que isieron estos productos y pensaron en una crema para nosotras que sufrimos de manchas

*Individual results may vary
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