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Worth every penny

I have tried many different eye creams over the past couple of years. Wrinkles really began at age 30!! And I have found it so discouraging. They either burn your eye and make your eyes water, don't hold make-up very well, or simply show no results. I took a chance on your product, and after 2 weeks of speculation, I saw results!! It's very soothing when applied, even though it did burn a little at first (retinol), it's doesn't bother me now. I had such great results with the appearance of fine lines and dark circkes that I have recommended it to friends, and I know that some of them have tried your product. Hopefully you wont increase the price, because it's very affordable, and very worth it!

*Individual results may vary

I believe in Meladerm!

I have been using the Meladerm complex cream for exactly 6 weeks now and all I can say is AMAZING, THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!! (this is coming from a person who has always been skeptical about using fade creams because they always promise great results, w/o irritations, but rarely produced any results at all but this cream has definitely made me a believer. The dark spots I had due to post acne breakouts are almost completely gone my face is brighter and I now have a healthy glow to my skin now.

*Individual results may vary

highly recommended!

this product works! at first, i wasn't really sure what i was getting myself into because i never saw it anywhere!!! i have wanted to have a brighter and softer skin for years....and as a matter of fact, the past two years were a disaster for my face! but thanks to MelaDerm, my problem is solve and i am only using the product since december....i strongly remember this product, it's worth the price and experience!

*Individual results may vary

great for melasma

I bought this cream for my mother. She is going through menopause and has developed extreme melasma. She has already began to see major improvements in her appearance. I will defenitely order again!

*Individual results may vary

seeing results already

I have only used the product twice. However, there has been no adverse reaction and Im actually seeing some results in a dark spot on my leg that Ive been trying to fade and nothing has worked until now.

*Individual results may vary


WOW! what can i say that hasn't been said by the other works for sure...within the first week itself there was a noticable has a pleasant smell and is easy to apply...I have acne prone skin and this is one moisturiser that goes on without leaving my skin greasy and shiny but makes it look hydrated and healthy. I dont know if its coz of the retinol in the cream but i have fewer acne and the numbers seem to be coming down fast. I'm looking forward to new products from Civant.

*Individual results may vary

wonderful product

I just wanted to say what a wonderful product. I am african american; with various skin tone problems. The back of my neck is really dark. I have been using Meladerm complex for less than a month and I am getting great results. The back of my neck is getting lighter already. Usually with other products - it would take at least 2 months to began to see any results. I purchased (2) 2 ounce jars. I still have almost half of one jar and one unopened jar left. Thanks for making a product that everyone can use and truly benefit from it. I look forward to future puchases. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!

-D. Smith
*Individual results may vary

very happy

I am an Asian girl who wants to have a brighter skin on my wedding day. I felt like it was risky to try something from the internet but I had no choice. I need to look good on my wedding day. Now, I tried it for just 3 days! My boss asked me, "what did you use on your face". It looks healthy, brighter and radiant! I told her ohhh I am detoxing my body ha ha ha. I just ordered the eye cream today. Hope I can try it soon. Now, I can say that I'm very happy to have found this site.

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This product is amazing

This product is amazing. My mum had black spots and dark patches on her and I thought it would never get lighter but we tried this product and after few weeks she started to see the results. The black patches are gone and her face looks fairer and now she feels good everytime she see her face in the mirror.

*Individual results may vary

It really works

It really works. You can see the difference minutes after you apply it, I am not kidding. The whiter complexion dies a little as the day progresses but after few weeks of use the overall complexion improves (permanently? I don't know, I have not discontinued the use). At the end of my second week I was started getting compliments from my friends :). I would recommend you use the cream once before sleeping and then next afternoon to space out your sessions. Make sure you use sunscreen and a good moisturizer daily for better effects. I just finished my first bottle of cream and have already placed an order for second one. I would recommend this product to others.

*Individual results may vary
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