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Great solution for sun damage

When I was in high school and college I tanned my skin 4-5 times a week. Now that I am older I realize the horrible damages that sun does to a person's skin and I have completely stopped tanning. Unfortunately, because I had tanned so long my skin was a lot darker than I wanted it to be. I began using the Meladerm lotion, and the stubborn dark pigment of my skin has drastically become whiter over the past months! I will continue to use Meladerm until the damage of the sun is gone! Thank you.

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Meladerm saved me.

My entire life I have been self conscious due to hyperpigmentation on different areas of my body, elbows, underarms, inner thighs( just to name a few) I am at the perfect weight for my height, so it’s not weight related; hereditary? Perhaps. I have tried countless skin bleaching creams, whitening soaps, & even tried chemical skin peels and none of them ever worked. I even burned myself and scarred my skin due to the stupid chemical peel. I was hopelessly searching and searching on the internet for more alternatives. I stumbled upon Meladerm , saw the price, and continued scrolling...... until I kept seeing it , over & over again. So many good reviews even reviews that said “life changing results” I was hesistant on purchasing due to the price but I took a shot at it and ordered one for myself. Let’s just say I am now on my third bottle and have seen a part of my body go from dark brown to my natural bronzed skin color. I am no longer embarrassed to wear short sleeved shirts or embarrased during intimacy. Sorry, tmi, I know. But it works. I have never believed in many long reviews such as this one or ever cared about sponsored products but all I have to say is that it completely changed my life. Take the risk and order it. You will see it for yourself.

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Working on my melasma

I have been using this product only 2 weeks its fading slowly. I have spent over 3 thousands pound but nothing works. it has no side effect and skin is very smooth, so highly recommended to everyone.

-Monica Begum
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Tengo 53 años y desde los 32 tengo Melasma. Mi piel es claro y los parchos que tenía eran bastantes oscuros. Por muchos años utilicé varios productos costosos, como Prevage, Obagi entre otros, me aclaraban después de tres meses un poco y luego aparecían nuevamente. Ni las bases que usaban me cubrían. Buscando por internet entre los mejores productos para la Melasma salió Meladerm el #1. Pensé ariesgarme nuevamente a otro producto que en realidad era menos costoso que los anteriores. Hice mi orden de solo el Cleanser, Serum y Hypermentación. QUIERO DECIRLES QUE HA SIDO UN MILAGRO LOS RESULTADOS. LOS USO EN LA MAÑANA Y ANTES DE ACOSTARME. HE SIDO FIEL EN LA APLICACIÓN. NUNCA HE FALLADO EN UN MES. LOS RESULTADOS SON SORPRENDENTES. ESTOY ENAMORADA DE LOS PRODUCTOS. PENSAR QUE HE GASTADO MUCHO DINERO ANTERIORMENTE, PORQUE NO LO ENCONTRE ANTES. LES ACONSEJO QUE LOS COMPREN POR LO MENOS ESTOS TRES. ME LLEGARON A MI BUZON TRES DIAS DESPUÉS DE ORDENAR. SOLO RESULTAN EXCELENTEMENTE EFECTIVOS SI USTED LOS HACE CON DISCIPLINA DIARIAMENTE. SUERTE PARA TODOS.

*Individual results may vary

Australian sun damage

I’m from Australia, a country that has some of the highest rates of skin cancer and sun damage in the world. I spent my childhood and adolescence in the harsh Australian sun with little to no suncream. I am a pale, white female with sensitive skin in my early 40’s. My skin told the story of years in the sun with hyperpigmentation on my face, hands and chest. In addition to this, after two pregnancies, I had malasma on my cheek bones and forehead. I was a spotty mess! To try and solve this issue, I tried ipl on these areas. I got rid of some of my hyperpigmentation this way which was great. For the remaining malasma and hyperpigmentation I moved onto kligmans formulation with little to no success. I tried many other creams that, flat out, did not work. I thought I was going to be left with my spots forever. I invested in a good, heavy coverage concealer and accepted my skin fate...until.... one night, I thought I would search the net in a last desperate effort to find a solution to get rid of these ugly spots. I came across this website. The price was affordable and they shipped to Australia so I thought, what the hell? It’s worth a shot. Who knows? It might help a little bit and a little bit is better than nothing. Of course, I was skeptical. I’d heard all the promises before. I took photos of my face, hands and chest and started, morning and night, to apply the cream. I continued my regime of deligently applying suncream, a habit I have had for the past 6 years. I had some sensitivity on my chest so only applied the cream every third day in this area. There was no sensitivity in any other area. After 4 weeks I saw something...there was a slight reduction, I was sure of it! I kept going, encouraged by this initial result. I purchased another one so I didn’t run out. The second month was remarkable. The largest patch of malasma was almost gone! I took a photo and compared it to my original photo. Yes! It was undeniable. I was not mistaken. No more concealer in this area. I still had hyperpigmentation spots but almost all the malasma was gone. The hyperpigmentation was reduced though so I kept going. It’s been 3 months now and the hyperpigmentation is very light in colour. I’m about to order my third bottle. My skin has never been clearer in 15 years! I am confident it will all be gone in a few months if it keeps reducing at this rate. I can’t believe it. If you are considering this, you need to stick with it. This stuff really does work. It’s the best product and has made a huge difference to my confidence. I no longer care if someone sees me without makeup. I am incredibly grateful to the makers of this product.

*Individual results may vary

Happy with the product

I've tried a lot of lightning creams on the dark spots on my cheeks. Expensive and cheap and I only noticed (short term) improvement with creams containing hydroquinone. I only tried this because of the 30 day money back guarantee and because I noticed some light improvement after 4 weeks I didn't ask for my money back. After using it for about 3 months my dark spots have significantly lightened so at long last I'm quite happy with the product.

*Individual results may vary

Dark spots

As we age we start seeing how our skin changes. I started noticing small black spots on my left cheek were the sun hits me while driving. I tryed all types of bleaching cream and they would break me out and make the problem worse. One day while waiting on my husband to get our takeout i was reading an article about meladerm in allure that promise results so i ordered it. Best money i have ever spent my spots are gone and i get lots of complements on my skin. I have ordered all there products and the change is so dramatic. I love these products and will recommend to anyone with skin issues.

*Individual results may vary

No more products needed- Meladerm is the answer!

I have spent many years trying every product imaginable to remove melasma. It has been very frustrating trying to find a product and makeup products to cover up dark spots while waiting on the creams to work. Meladerm has been amazing! This is the first product that has made a largely noticeable improvement in reduction of dark spots. There is no skin sensitivity like with other products (likely the hydroquinone) and the cost seems reasonable as the product lasts a while even though it is used twice a day. I had virtually given up hope on this situation. Thank you for helping me look and feel better.

*Individual results may vary

Great Product !!

No Chemicals that are harsh on my skin. Olive complexion, it works fantastic quickly. For me I saw results within a month. My Dermatologist 30yrs ago created his own skin bleaching formula, and this product works just as good. Between sun tan oil, and birth control pills {decades ago ) as a kid that caused dark spots this product is the best !!

-Rozalind L.
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This Really Works and Fast!

I don't usually write reviews on websites about products, but I have decided to write one this time because this products really works!!! I want to share my experience with others! My skin has been at a good condition although not perfect since I really take care of it. A month ago, when I tried a new expensive brand of skincare moisturizing cream, dark patches suddenly appear around me cheeks, nose, and above my lips. I am an Asian woman in my late 40's, and I understand that some freckles or melasma is normal, but there is no way melasma can develop within 2 days, and it happened right after I tried the new cream which contains karat gold. I went to see a dermatologist. I was told that maybe the skincare products I had been using contained mercury, and the karate gold content in the new skincare product caused a chemical reaction, thus resulted the sudden dark pigmentations on my face. I never thought putting on the wrong cream for just one day could cause such a disaster! But it did!!! I care about my look a lot, and the doctor said laser would not help and would make it worse. He prescribed me hydroquinono 5%, which I used for a week and saw no result at all. I searched online and found Meladerm. I decided to give it a try. I applied it day and night for just 2 days, and I already saw lightning of the dark areas. Usually, dark pigmentation is really hard to cure, but Meladerm not only yields result, but most importantly, it delivers result FAST! That's very important. Who wants to wait to look pretty?? I also used the serum starting the second week. I am not sure if the serum enhanced the progress, but at least it is not causing any irritation, and I continue to see progressive result. I am only in my 2nd week in treatment, and I am happy to see my dark patches lightened. I applied heavy concealer and foundation during the first week to hide them, but they still showed. Now, with my normal makeup, they are not that noticeable anymore. I am very grateful that I found this product and see that being so effective and efficient. I appreciate Civant's research team for creating this product and be able to help so many women who have dark pigmentation, freckles, acne marks......... They are all so common among women. If you have the above skin problems, you should order Meladerm ASAP. The sooner you treat, the faster you can see result, I think! I started using it within 2 weeks after onset of problem, and it worked fast. The price is so reasonable too! Their products are much more economic than many other brands out there which might not be as effective as Meladerm. I am not advertising for Meladerm. I am just sharing my true experience and hope others can benefit from it.

*Individual results may vary
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