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Use of the microdermabrasion cloth

Meladerm has been working towards correcting my skin for the past 2-3 months effectively but i realized that where i once had acne scars, i was left with open bits of the once affected but now corrected area. As a trial, my aunt ordered more bottles of meladerm in order to get the microdermabrasion cloth for me to use. After about three days of using it to clean my face,I noticed my pores were closing up more. So turns out, when you add on the use of the microdermabrasion cloth that is one of the civant skin care products, it exfoliates your skin without making it really sensitive. I would recommend that people should get the cloth as well because it really made me feel way better about my skin and I no longer need makeup to fill up the pores.

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Meladerm restored my natural skin

My skin has never been clear ever since I got to my teenage years. I have tried so many products to restore it to how it was naturally, but those products have only caused more problems for my skin, including hyperpigmentation and rashes on my face. Just as I was about to give up, I was introduced to Meladerm by a friend. After years of trying and failing, I am happy to say that I found a solution. Meladerm has restored my natural skin tone without bleaching it, and my skin is much smoother now. Thank you so much for this product, Civant skincare. I am a loyal customer now.

-Sheila O.
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Meladerm corrected my damaged skin

I used to have damaged skin that began all due to hormonal imbalance from puberty and this got worse thanks to use of harsh products that made me believe they would change my skin back to normal. They would work for a short period then it would really get worse after. This made my self confidence deteriorate extremely when I'd realize how severe it got. So,my aunt told me about meladerm as a really good skin corrector and hence I made a decision to start using it. I began my journey during the end of Dec 2015 and kept using meladerm consistently for now close to 3 months. To add on, I take apple cider vinegar to regulate my ph inwards. So far, all I can say is that my skin feels way smoother and the damage is close to being over. For a non believer, civant skincare really won me over.

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Amazing Product!!!

I am using this product from last one month.It is really working. Black scratch,pimples are getting lighter on my face day by day.I am feeling very happy by using this product. I recommendeded this product to use the persons those are facing skin problems.

-Venkat R.
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Really works!

My face broke out due to stress. I NEVER had a breakout like this. I ended up looking like a spotted leopard, no fade creams worked and the spots were so dark make-up didn't cover them. Within one week of using the product to spots started to lighten. By the time I finished the bottle my face was clear. Next time I will take before and after pictures. Ten stars!!!!!!

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only thing that worked!

I loved the beach and a good tan. Combined with sun damage and birth control my melasma was terrible. I tried creams from the dermatologist and that made me break out. My skin is fair and I am sensitive to a lot of products. I started using the meladerm at the beginning of November and took before picture. Only 2 months later, my skin is completely different! My dark spots have dramatically faded and my skin feels amazing. It didn't make my skin break out and it kept it nice and moisturized. This is seriously a miracle product and I'm so excited to see what the next few months will bring!!

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Its make me possible to face the People

i m medical student from pakistan...i have very resistant melasma and brown spots on my face....i used almost every best topical cream for my skin with sun block but the result was very poor.....i find meladerm on many skin care website highly recommended,so i buy it and i was shocked frm its results...its amazing and awesome..i m very happy ...this is miracle for me and i thanks sooooo much civant skin care team for making this miracle.i will highly recommend this product to all.

-Yasir C.
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Amazing product

I have dark and age spots - Melasma with my pregnancy .. also i use For years a lot product to treat my problem. Some have a high proportion of hydroquinone. It was very expensive but it useless. Finally, my friend advised me: : USE Meladarm. so I order it and use it and I saw it works,, then I order another 2 + AHA Exfoliating Serum coz i read Reviews about it. and realy it make Meladerm results coming much faster now i finshed 3 of Meladerm and feel better .. It's working. My experience has been involved with all my friends so If I had the money I will order my 4 melderm ^_^ I apologize : my english language is weak

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After having my children, I noticed that I had a lot of freckles and some hyperpigmentation on my face. I've tried many products before and they seemed to work but the hyperpigmentation always comes back. My mom had it and so did my older sister. This seemed to be after our pregnancies. I have been using the skincare products for about two weeks now. I've noticed the hyperpigmentation and freckles on my checks has lightened or vanished. I have some old acne scars on teh top right corner of my foreheard. It's lighten up but is still there. I will be patient and I feel that this product is working.

-Pa X.
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Even Skin Complexion

I was excited to know that there was a product out there that could even out my skin tone and get rid of dark spots and contain natural ingredients. I was skeptical at first and apprehensive due to the price and amount of product for the price. However I ordered Meladerm regardless and glad that I did. Meladerm has given me an all around even skin tone. I have very dark skin, I am an African American male. I've tried different toners and other holistic type of remedies like lemon and baking soda etc. But this product surpassed all of my expectation and after going through my first bottle I immediately became hooked. $48 bucks isn't a lot to pay a month for skin that makes everyone jealous. What's also great is that it is also moisturizing and I typically don't put on any moisturizer with the product, I just make sure that I am not out in the sun for long periods of time or sweating off the product. Its part of my daily routine and I wont go back.

-Isaac O.
*Individual results may vary
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