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dark areas on my face

I have dark skin and spend alot of time in the sun during the summer time. Along with that I have dark acne scares, making it look like i had a 5 o'clock shadown at all times. I have tried many over the counter products and I am currently using retin A from my doctor. I ordered the Meloderm and within a week I noticed an improvement in the lightness of my skin and less 'shadow'. I did not take pictures because I did not think it would work that fast! I am very impressed and happy with the results and recommend it to everyone that asks what I have been using.

-Carla R.
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I have seen changes in 1 week

I have been using Meladerm coupled with prescription vitamin A and have had great results in 1 week.I have used other products that make claims,but never received satisfaction until now. This product evidently works! I am very pleased so far! I live in Sydney, Australia.

*Individual results may vary

Black spots from facial hair plucking.

Firstly I must say, growing up I had no problems with my skin. I never had acne. And until my late early 30s my skin was blemish free. I then started to grow facial hair in my early 30s. I'm now 35 years. I made a horrible mistake and started plucking the hairs, causing black marks to be left all over my lower face and onto my neck. I became very self conscious and would wear concealer with make-up when I go out. I could see people focused on my face when they first meet me. I tried many skin lightners which all failed. I've been using civant for 2 weeks now and people have been noticing it by commenting that your face looks so much better. I have even seen the difference myself. I am so happy that this is working for me. I didn't think it would work because of my complexion, I'm a black lady of a brown complexion. All other lightners have lightened my surrounding skin and left the marks dark. But civant has lightened my dark marks to the complexion of my surrounding face., giving me a balanced clearer complexion.

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I've used every product from "A" to "O" and only MELADERM cleared my spots and gave my skin a GLOW! The product is expensive, but I really need more...REMEMBER, you only get what you pay for! Trying to believe comments probably makes you sick, I'll show you better than I can type you by posting some pics! THANKS MIRACLEDERM :-)

-Romiecka W.
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I'm still stunt, cant beleive what this cream as done for me. I used every cream underthe sun,,have been a couple of hundred dollars..I'm a senior with discoloration over the lip, my forehead ...Meladerm has cleared my skin up tremendly...Unbeleiveable....I can swear by this cream.

-Geraldine P.
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my dark spot

Today I ordered MELADERM again. I started to use this cream since 2 years ago. I had age spot, dark spot on my face. I went to doctor's office and they did treatment for me but not disapper, I used another expensive cream but no disapper. Then I found out about MELEDERM. It's easy to use and I have been use for 2 years and my age spot and dark spot are mostly disapper. I am so happy now. I want to tell everyone, it's depends on person but just keep continue to use like me. You will see good result. In my case I need only 2 MELADERM in a year. Thank you so much for MELADERM!!

-Sammy S.
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I was always self concience about my skin tone,I was lighter as a young child, and as I gotten older, years with acne, and sun, My skin was very uneven.I tried everything, I always took pictures of myself,and what i saw in the picture, i had uneven skin.So one day, i was browsing,and and came across maladerm, i saw more good than bad reviews.scratch that! i didnt see any bad reviews, weeks later, i decided i was gonna order me some, i took that chance,and when i used it, within hours later, my skin literally! lighten up. I was so amazed, how fast it, was. i took pics, and compare them to my old ones i took,and was like wow,what a change.I have now the skin when i was younger, and really thank the people who made this.

*Individual results may vary

Meladerm is the best!!

Meladerm is my best friend, I had tried so many products, infact my hubby had named me product junky but no more. I discoverd Meladerm 4 months ago and it has done magic on my face, my cheeks were discolored had to use too much blush but no more. My entire face is so radiant and my friends have been asking me all the time, what are you using? I gladly tell them Meladerm. I made my 2 friends order it and they are already happy with it. God bless the one who came up with the idea of Meladerm. I just received my order with a bright smile on my face. THANK YOU MELADERM YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE, I'M MORE CONFIDENT AND VERY VERY HAPPY.

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I had melasma on my forehead cheeks and nose i ordered meladerm and in two weeks my face was clearing up i love meladerm no more wearing makeup

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AM 19 years old And I live in Ethiopia, I was able to make my relatives send me this product to Ethiopia. And at first I did not see any changes but now its been 3 weeks, My face is clear and whiter and am the happiest i've ever been, I got my confidence back. SO I JUST WANT TO SAY TO EVERYONE IT REALLY WORKS.JUST BE PATIENT AND DON'T GIVE UP. U WILL HAVE GREATER RESULTS THAT U IMAGINED. I LLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEE U MELADERM!

-Prince Jr.
*Individual results may vary
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